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Kohl's cash is such a rip off. Do not use it unless you are 100% sure you do not need to return anything.

I had placed two online orders which qualified me for $20 in Kohl's cash. I used the Kohl's cash at the the store for two items. I also had a 30% off discount (which I found out is used after the Kohl's cash is used). One of the items I had ordered online was defective when I received it, so I needed to return it.

Because I had used my Kohl's cash already, I was told that I could either forfeit the $10 or get a "store credit" for the full amount (which means I have to pay them now for the item I returned and buy something else at a later date). This wasn't the part that bothered me so much, I took the store credit.

What really pissed me off was what she told me when I asked if I could just return the items I used the Kohl's cash for. She said that basically I can't return them for my money back. I would have to take "store credit" (I put that in quotes because I used my Kohl's card to make all these purchases, which in my opinion should be the same thing as store credit since I can't use it anywhere else).

So again, I would have to pay for the items I am returning now and use it for a future purchase. I will NEVER use Kohl's cash again unless I am absolutely, 100% positive that I will not return anything. I am also planning on discontinuing use of my Kohl's card so that this does not happen again.

It is hardly a comparable to "cash" when you have no flexibility in returning items. Very deceptive.

Review about: Kohls Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Durham, North Carolina, United States #1251119

Yes, I too have same experience. lost $15

New Providence, New Jersey, United States #1199762

Kohl's cash is awesome! I earned $30 in Kohls cash then sold it to my mom for twenty bucks.

Not bad. So the fact of earning money for the store, or being able to sell it to someone and use that cash elsewhere is pretty sweet. And also whoever is saying that even if you do not use your Kohl's Cash and you return an item that was what earned the Kohl's cash to begin with will make you forfeit part of the money is simply not true. I've returned plenty of items on unused Kohl's cash and all it does is cancel out your Kohl's Cash so you can't use it.

You still get your money back. So I'm not sure what your experience was, whether it be you or the cashier, but someone messed up.

Naperville, Illinois, United States #1190885

Think about it. You're getting free money to buy whatever you want.

It's awesome. Kohls cash is awesome! And yes! It's so simple.

Now you know. If you return items purchased with Kohls cash you lose value on that item. It's not a secret. As a Kohls associate myself I let my customers know how Kohls cash works.

I'm sorry you had to learn it the way you did. But I hope you will continue to shop during kohls cash events and then buy yourself some nice things you won't want to return. I use my kohls cash to splurge on a piece of jewelry for myself usually, or something in housewares. Whether I've got $10 or $50 (or more) these are coupons plain and simple--dollars off a purchase.

For example, I want a new Fitbit as mine just broke. They retail for $199. I can't use my 30% off. But bad as I want it, I am waiting for the next kohls cash event because I know I will get $40 Kohls cash if I buy it then.

And that's $40 I can use to buy anything in the store I want. How awesome is THAT?!?!


I was told that if I earned Kohl's Cash and didn't use it, that doesn't matter, they don't care if you use it, they deduct it from your return like you used it anyway. That's fair!

to Anonymous San Leandro, California, United States #1222751

That's not true! Only kohls cash you used. That would make no sense


What you have explained is understandable. But, what if you return without using the KC?

I still paid for what I returned. The reasonable solution is I should be able get back my money, and you guys kind of deactivate the KC! I don't think that is more difficult than applying the rules you have already in place. But instead, you force people into spending their money at Kohl's by limiting a part of their return in the form of KC.

It is understandable to deduct the funds when someone has used the KC already, but for someone who hasn't, it is plain robbery!

If someone just pick something from you store worthing 10 bucks and just runs away afterwards, How would you feel? Because this is exactly what I feel right now.

Morgan Hill, California, United States #1095330

Hi, I just encountered a similar issue tonight. Last week, I bought a few items for about 54$.

The cashier girl told me about the cash back and gave me a coupon. Tonight I decided to return two items of my previous purchase accounting for 32 bucks. They gave me only 22 and told me 10 bucks is gone because I used the cash_back. I said I never used the coupon, and I don't want to use it, but the manager, a very rude one, printed a receipt for the cash back balance and left.

This is fraud and absolutely ridiculous! What if I never want to buy anything at Kohl's again!?



Also, remember, the amount of Kohl's cash you get is determined before tax, and after all other coupons have been used in the transaction.

Do not argue with the cashier if you miscalculated on how much kohl's cash you thought you would get. The register is always right.

The register does all the math for you. So please stop being *** and listen to your cashiers, who know what they are talking about, and don't go demanding for a manager when you don't like what they say.


Incoming wall of text...

I know this question is 3+ years old, but I still want to answer it correctly. I work for Kohl's.

The reason returns are complicated when you got Kohl's cash is because people realized that you could buy $150 (for example) worth of stuff, get $30 Kohl's cash, spend it, then return your original purchase of $150. If you're keeping up, that means you just earned $30 and spent $0.

To solve that problem, a couple rules were made. If you return something, we pretend like we're going back in time to when you purchased it. If you had decided not to buy it in the first place, you probably wouldn't have gotten as much Kohl's cash.

The idea behind this is: we're not going to reward you for buying something then returning it. And, as I mentioned, it was allowing people to get free money, and boy did people exploit it. We're talking thousands of dollars.

The second rule is, if you already spent the KC that we're trying to take back, we'll take it off your refund value. The idea behind this is the same: we're not going to reward you for buying something then returning it, and we're going to get that reward back one way or the other.

Kind of like repossession: if we can't take your Kohl's Cash, we'll take something else. This rule was also created to prevent exploitation. Not very customer-friendly, but that's how it has to be.

Like I said, people were using this "cheat" to get thousands of dollars. You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not.

People still try it, and they get mad at us when it fails, as if they're just an innocent customer. That's why I'm explaining this on a thread that's 3.5 years old.

As an employee, it saddens me to see your frustration. My entire job revolves around the customer. The associate(s) you interacted with should've explained this to you in clear language so you wouldn't feel cheated or deceived.

We're just trying to counteract the people out there who like to exploit the system for their benefit, and unfortunately it affects all of us. Much like how we need to put those damned security tags on all the Nike and other expensive items. It seems like they're causing more harm than good (considering how often they're missed and you go home with them), but without them we'd be losing millions of dollars to theft. In the future, at any store you go to, if you feel like you're being cheated, calmly ask them to explain what is happening and why it needs to be that way.

Too often, people get upset and ignore everything that I'm saying. They want X and can't grasp the concept of getting anything other than what they want. It's all due to this "customer is always right" philosophy, which has a limit. We want you to come back, but we're not going to throw money at you in order to accomplish it.

Kohl's Cash is actually a really good deal in my opinion. We are taking the profit from your purchase and giving it back to you. The only way we come out on top is when you decide to spend more than what your KC is worth. In fact, if you each $30 KC and spend $30 KC, we probably LOST money in the process.

However, few people do that. They spend $40, $50, or completely forget that they had it.


Some people are so *** ***.


Omg! I go to Kohl's all the time & would never think that "Kohl's cash" is actual money!

It's a coupon people! It's not money you can get back!

Quit buying things & returning them! Problem solved!

Peoria, Illinois, United States #969294

read your fine print. its printed on the kohls cash.

Medford, Massachusetts, United States #969201

I spent $300 and earned $60 Kohls cash - then I spent $70 using the Kohls cash my bill was $10. I made $100 in returns from the original purchase and they deducted the $60 Kohls cash from my refund -- I got $40 back.

Then I returned the $70.00 item and they deducted the $60 again and I got $10 back -- I argued until I waned to cry and emailed and called customer service, they wouldn't do a store credit. I agree Kohls is double dipping, even the employee told me don't use kohls cash if you think you might have to make a return.

Ossining, New York, United States #938809

Ha! They wouldn't even give me store credit for the full amount on an item I returned.

They subtracted the $20 worth of Kohls cash I used, and gave me a store credit for $6.75. I am still fighting them on this, and I will not shop there again unless they fix it!

to thriftyMom78 Cerritos, California, United States #1255764






Dear LovelyChristina

I feel the frustration is coming from lack of knowledge.

Did you know that Kohls Cash Expire?

I'm sure you have noticed printed dates of when you can use your kohls cash.

Did you know you get the same amount you paid when you return your items?

Let's say you pay $10 in credit card for $50 worth of items. If they are returned, you get $10 in credit card.

Did you know Kohls Cash is not cash? It's a store coupon. If you go to a grocery store and buy a razor with a $1.00 coupon. If you return that razor, do you get your coupon back?

No. I do not quite understand what you thought Kohls Cash was (real money?), but please educate yourself.

There are cashiers, managers, and friends, who you can talk to. If you complain, because you didn't know, then you're ***.

to Anonymous #1018476

Morons who side with kohls are dumb. Let me explain what people are angry about.

If you spend 50 dollars you get a 10 dollar kohls coupon. You then go back to the store when the kohls coupon is valid and spend the 10 dollar value coupon on a shirt. You then decide those 50 dollar shoes that you have not worn are not what you wanted so you return them. Kohls will only refund you 40 dollars because you already used the 10 dollar coupon.

So it is as if you never got a 10 value coupon. You have now actually paid 10 dollars real money for your 10 dollar shirt. You then decide that well now you will return the shirt to get the rest of the money back from kohls but kohls will just take your shirt back and you will get nothing back, because you used a coupon, if you leave the shirt there you have now given kohls 10 actual dollars for free. Years past you would get store credit but now you can only exchange for the same item or lose your real money if you leave your return at the store.

I remember people would used their earned kohls cash coupons before they expired and then would return the items to get a non expiration kohls store credit, thereby extending the time to use their kohls cash coupon.

They need to rename it to a coupon, it no longer works like cash where you would get a refund, now kohls takes your real money if you return both purchases that got you the coupon and that you used the coupon on. This is why people are angry, if you don't want what you bought kohls robs you.

to Anonymous #1118221

Then change the name to Kohl's Coupon. Some of us just want to go in and shop not try to be *** Tracy Investigator at large or The Great Supposer what would happen if I need to return!?

It's my prerogative it's my life. Change the name.

Cash is cash coupon is coupon. Why the trickery.

Huntley, Illinois, United States #789750

Kohls is double dipping with their kohl's cash!! If u purchase items and earn kohl's cash.

( example $30.00 - then u return this order and paid 180.00 then they refund you only 150.00. Then return items on the order u used this kohl's cash (that you just paid kohl's for on the returned dollar amount) kohl's then deducts this kohl's cash again from your returned dollar amount.

Kohls just made $30.00 from these orders. Customer service was rude and said this is their policy and I will always loose the kohls cash on ALL Returns no matter what

to Angie #865809

they only deduct kohls cash from your return if you spend the kohls cash. If not then its deactivated, makes perfect sense.

If they didnt do so then customers would buy and return all day to get free kohls cash. I hate when people get pissed about this when kohls already offers so many discounts.

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