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After placing an order with Kohls, Online, my previously 'nice & quiet' E-Mail Address, of 8 years, is suddenly being inundated and assaulted with a bombardment of multiple UNWANTED advertisers, flooding my Inbox 24/7. It's insane and 'trashy'!

Each time I open my Inbox (throughout the day) I now need to 'wade through' and delete from six to 15 Advertisements. I've used this E-Mail address for years, placing orders with many merchandisers, and conducting business activity.

This is the first company / merchandiser to grossly abuse the privilege of access to my E-Mail address. They must be selling their Customer's E-Mail addresses.

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Everytime I make a purchase at Kohls.com I always get an email asking me to write a review for the item. I don't want to!

STOP EMAILING. But THERE IS NO UNSUBSCRIBE OPTION. In addition, everytime I shop in-store, I always get an email thanking me for shopping in-store. STOP EMAILING.

Again, there is no unsubscribe option! Kohls just continues to harass me over and over again with worthless unwanted emails. However, my friend always gets the "Mystery Deal" emails, BUT I DON'T. Not once.


To all the braindead TROLLS on here commenting as if Kohls is God, go get a life. You are angry bitter ugly souls who have nothing better to do with your life than to harass consumers with VALID complaints.


Kohls sucks. Kohls coupons sucks. Kohls sucks


Wow you must be mental. Kohls doesn't sell out email address cause there isn't any profit in them.

Kohl's get rich off credits cards. Oh by the way, your computer probably has a virus thus their stealing your information.

Its very easy for an email to get loose its all very easy TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM KOHLS EMAILS AND HIT DELETE ALL IN YOUR EMAIL BOX. Please get some common sense before you make bogus mistakes.


Oh good God! Don't you know how to click the link at the bottom of the e-mail that says "Unsubscribe"????

Kohl's doesn't sell e-mail addresses, which is written in their Privacy Policy. Now hurry up and go click that "unsubscribe" link down at the bottom of the e-mail before you come back on here and start whining!

to TheKohlsExtraordinaire #858638

I have been trying once a week to Unsubscribe, and guess what? The link takes me to a page that say "If it doesn't load in 5 seconds, click the link below." Oh, and there is absolutely no link on the page.

I worked at Kohl's several years ago, and even then, the adds were out of control, and we had some people say they could never get the emails to stop. I thought they didn't know how to unsubscribe, but now I'm thinking some people really cannot get the thing to work.


Have you ever tried to get off KOHLS LISTS?? i HAVE AND CAN NOT!!


I HAVE AND THEY STILL SENT ME A NEW ONE!! Hate it when losers comment on things they haven't tried to do!!

to @ Anonymous #564334

I hate it when losers don't understand the post they are commenting on. This is a complaint about an e-mail address, what does a Kohls charge have anything to do with it?


Fisher price toys even with the 30% off coupon they are marked up more then the suggested retail price. No holiday shopping at Kohls. Everyone check manufacturer pricing before purchasing at KOHLS scam


kOHLS doesn't sell emails.


They get paid for a credit application 50 cents an application. do they also get paid to get your emails?

Then sell them to make more money, Getting off the email lists is impossible no matter how many times you request it.

to bill Springfield, Missouri, United States #563898

no they do not get paid for emails. And it is as easy as unsubscribing to get off the email list. It is so annoying when people have no idea how technology works.

Branson, Missouri, United States #559873

Are you the same one who posted that you didn't get your order? It seems odd that two different people from Kalispell, MT would post on this site in the same day-so I assume it was you.

Again, never had a problem with spam from giving my email to Kohls. It could be from anyone, to be honest.

If you apply online on a job search site, order from other retailers, etc. Seems to me that you just want to cause trouble.

to dottie #559982

seems like you just want to tell PISSED CONSUMERS that you like KOHLS. get off PISSED CONSUMER is you don't like the PISSED CONSUMERS complaints

to @ dottie Branson, Missouri, United States #562390

when you complain about *** things be prepared to have it handed back to you. every side should be represented.

Le Ann
to dottie Kalispell, Montana, United States #560321

Yep... one and the same.

Having my e-mail address exploited & abused by Kohls IS "troubling". Good thing we have a place here, and a way to warn others, in a helpful way. Who knows...

maybe Kohls, and other such Entities will learn to respect their Customers Rights, and exercise genuine integrity. Wouldn't that be wonderful?!

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