I will no longer shop at your store. A customer had a dog in your material carts.

The dog had an accidents urinated in the cart. Now someone will put baby clothes or other items in that cart.

Why are dogs allowed in your store, better yet allowed to be put in your carts. These dogs can have flees or ticks. Do you want to bring that home to your family.

I have shopped at the Yonkers central ave store since the store opened.

I will miss shopping at KOHLS but the thought of using a cart that a dog might have urinated turns my stomach.

You should change your carts or have a no dog policy. Dogs should not be allowed in stores

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To: Anonymous Dogs In Your Store and July 12 and Durpa Clearly there are people that blind. They need their dogs too help them with their lives. Clearly all of you don't know common sense.


Many of their customers are alot filthier than the cute and adorable dogs that some people bring into the store.


I agree with you. That's unhygienic and filthy. I wouldn't shop there, either.


I might not be in the majority here, but it did turn my stomach a bit considering that this is urine in fabric, I mean come on.I do not have an issue with service animals, or their presence in stores by any means, as they are performing a job for someone in need. However, if the animals are allowed inside carts, I do believe that it would be most logical to provide carts composed of non porous materials to ensure effective cleaning and ability to use stronger cleaning agents than fabric allows.

This goes for any contamination on a cart, be it from a service animal, child, adult, product spill, etc. This way a customer could use their own means of disinfection such as Lysol wipes, without worrying about the effectiveness of the cleaner getting through the fibers of the fabric.

Honestly, a puppy accident wouldn't keep me from shopping, but I would be a little wary unless I saw the staff properly address and disinfect it. Otherwise, I'd just carry my items or use my own shopping bag.

to PointAndSet #1488271

Ok two points. All carts are made of either heavy duty PLASTIC or METAL.

So how exactly is having a dog in the cart going to magically make those two substances become porous. Second point, you don’t really think the carts are cleaned daily do you? You have more to fear from someone sneezing on you then actually catching something from a cart. See we have this burning of death over our heads that pumps out literally tons of radiation.

Everything from a photon to ultraviolet and infrared. This means that each day the carts are bombarded by STERILIZING RADIATION because you will not take the cart inside. Then let’s add the heat factor on top of the radiation and your cart is now being double dosed with some form of sterilization.

Then add if you happen to get rain the added effect of water flushing any contamination away. So maybe use the brain you have been given instead of thinking like the sheeple.

to PointAndSet #1623595

Do you idiots not realize that clearly if a dog urintated in a cart they won’t throw it away or replace it? You all are just little girls about things honesty.

And have to stop making assumptions.

How do you know the cart wasn’t switched? All the *** said was “imagine if someone put clothes in it”


This has been addressed. In regards to the ADA, this dog was allowed into the store.

You should be ashamed for your review.

You should address all apologies to all members. Please no longer place reviews as no one will accept them.


Your complaint is not only ridiculous, but it's apparent you're anti-dog (or anti-animal, for that matter). Perhaps the dog was a service dog (which would be a violation of the ADA if Kohl's didn't allow them) or one of those "emotional support" animals that everyone seems to have these days?

If the dog did indeed have an accident and urinated in the cart, then why didn't you speak up and inform the manager about what happened?

And by the way, it's "fleas" not "flees." A "no dog policy?" You can't dictate what the stores can and cannot do. By the way, the folks at PETA are shaking their heads at you.

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