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My daughter and I shop at Kohl's at lease 4-5 times a year. I have a Kohl's charge to receive the "discounts" they give me when you make purchases with the account.

I paid my balance in full in Dec 2011, for the amount of $222.79. According to my bank, the amount was pulled from my account twice. I notified the bank, and they were able to recover the $222.79 I was owed 10 days later. Mind you this was at Christmas time, and that was alot of money to be out for 10 days!!

Then I get a statement from Kohl's saying I owe them $25 "recovery fee", because according to Kohl's, my bank charged them, and they were passing the fee to me. I called the bank immediately and found out that Wells Fargo didn't even charge them the fee. How do they justify I owe them the $25?? After speaking to several representatives including a supervisor, Kohl's tells me "there is nothing they can do".

Needless to say, I closed my Kohl's charge, and will never set foot in a Kohl's department store again. I refuse to give away my money to crooks.

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KOHLS IS TERRIBLE!! they judge people, they judged me for my body modifications. they are *** and ughh yes i know i write like im 5 but words can not even begin for my hatred for kohls.


You do realize that Kohls does not actually extend you credit, don't you? It is underwritten by a credit card company such as Chase or Capital One. They are the ones that approve someone for credit and they are the ones that bill the customer-not Kohls.


Kohl's,like any other Dept store is in business to make money,their markup is extremely high and the 15,20&30% coupons off are gimmics to get the cusomer to spend more money thinking they are getting a good deal when actually they are not.Their merchandise quality is somewhat better than Walmart or K-Mart and I think this is what keeps the customer coming back,the quality and the idea of getting a "Good Deal"


Okay, first I thought TheKohlsExtraordinaire worked for Kohl's because of the narrow minded responses posted to several Kohl's complaints. I have now come to the conclusion that TheKohlsExtraordinaire author works for another retail outlet.

It is hard to believe that any intelligent person would use such condescending and vulgar language in hopes of attracting customers to Kohls. Seriously, TheKohlsExtraordinaire needs to find something more constructive to do with their time.


Hi Lisa,

I feel so sorry for you, this is a horrible situation and to add insult to injury you have some *** (TheKohlsExtraordinaire) on here insulting you. Don't let this fool get to you, they are on here all the time insulting people because of a lack of intelligence.

I completely understand your decision to boycott Kohl's, I have recently done the same. I will shop at places where they employ classy associates.

Casper, Wyoming, United States #429637

here is an update:

Kohl's still refuses to *** their "recovery fee" and even tried to charge me a late fee for it, even though I sent a notice from my bank stating the fee was not charged to Kohl's and they have no right to pass it on to me. and to respond to "Kohl's Extraordinaire" I did notify Kohl's customer service and they did nothing to help me, that is why I notified the bank.


I had received gifts from Kohl's and wanted to exchange, they wanted to tell me I would receive less what they paid for the gifts. Restocking fees.

I was like no these were gifts.

And no where on the receipt or online it states that. Whatever the original receipt states that is what I receive and I had the original receipt.

I asked for a manager and I received a coupon and the amount paid without restocking fees deducted. :zzz


You should have contacted Kohl's the moment you noticed the payment was deducted from your bank account twice. Then you wouldn't have incurred the "recovery fee." That's your own stupidity!

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