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Update by user Sep 10, 2015

So, felt it acceptable to charge me SIX times for the order I called to cancel shortly after realizing I made a mistake with the address.This was one of the worst shopping experiences I've ever had to deal with.

PS, the guy who received the $118.53 worth of baby gifts I was charged SIX times for still hasn't sent the package back.Obviously, my family never received the shipment (as I suspected).

Original review posted by user Sep 02, 2015

I went shopping on for a baby shower gift for my brother & his wife.$120 later I was ready to check out and went through the checkout process.

Shortly after processing the transaction, I realized I sent the gift to the wrong address - I put 3500 instead of 3100 for the house number but everything else on the address was correct. No big deal, I'm sure people make these simple mistakes all the time. I try and figure it out online, no luck. I call and speak with somebody at and was told that since I placed the order more than 30 minutes ago they won't be able to change the address.

Well, that stinks. I would like for the gift to get to my family but I guess I'll just cancel the order then. Nope, apparently that's not allowed either! Guy at Kohl's tells me I can't cancel the order because it's been more than 30 minutes.

Wait, WHAT?! Allegedly, I have to wait for Kohl's to knowingly ship the package to the wrong address and hope to God the person at the wrong address is honest enough to send the package back. Then, I have to wait for Kohl's to receive the return (assuming dude at 3500 is honest enough to send it back), then Kohl's needs to track the item, return the item and from then it will be 10-14 days before my $120 is returned to me. It seems ridiculous to me that a company as big as Kohl's is so unforgiving for little mistakes like this.

The only English the guy on the phone said that I could even understand was, "Sorry, ma'am.

I cannot help you." I'm annoyed enough that I won't bother shopping at Kohl's in my hometown any more - I don't need to be bothered with this wild goose chase Kohl's is sending me on.

This person wrote the review because of order processing issue of kohls cancellation policy from Kohls and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $119 and wants Kohls to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was your shipping policy, being scammed and lack of customer service. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following companies: Pier 1 Imports, Target, Amazon or Ikea. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Kohls for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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Was there six items you bought? Are the values charged or pending? Did they refund you yet and how long did it take?


You guys have no valid point.If I want to cancel a $120 order I just place, I should be perfectly ok to do so, especially within minutes of purchasing it.

There is no "wand to wave." Use the computer provided you with and click cancel. Big deal it's been 32 minutes since the order was placed, more than 5 minutes of which was spent waiting on hold for the non-English speaking "I cannot help you ma'am," gopher they have upholding their pointless rules. I don't care what rules other companies may or may not follow because none of those other companies or those policies are relevant. sucks.

Plain and simple. Their process is broken and it's easier for them to operate this way than to do the right thing. I will upload a picture in a minute too - when processed this $118.50, they processed the order SIX times. SIX times for an order I wanted to cancel within minutes of ordering.

Totally pathetic!

Don't use them.It's awful.


Sad that u put in the wrong address but shopping is shopping once the order is placed that's it have you ever ordered anything online even from places like shutterfly they tell you that u have a half an hour before payments are processed and there's no way for them to stop it.Why would you think any place can just wave.

Wand.Sad but true and things happen allot when people don't proof what they type but regardless you'd get your money back, and yet you are CLEARLY BLAMING THE STORE FOR YOUR MISTAKE and that's just not right and rude, I'd like to come to your job and do the same.....


This is why when you order online there is a screen for you to review your order before hitting the "submit" or "place order" button.This is to make sure you review everything to make sure it is accurate.

Once you place the order it drops into "fulfillment" status, which means it becomes impossible to cancel the order. People fail to realize the fulfillment centers are primarily automated with a lot of machines running. So now you say you're not going to shop in the store all because of the mistake you made with your online order???

Why didn't you just go to the store and get a baby shower gift and then send it yourself?You not only would have avoided the mistake you made, but it probably would have been cheaper to ship the gift yourself instead of paying for the shipping online.

to TheKohlsExtraordinaire El Paso, Texas, United States #1067195

ok we live in a world of machines, where one good customer service rep should be able to push a couple of buttons, access an order, and change a 1 to a 5 - get real - everyone makes mistakes and kohls should make their customers a priority.


As a former Kohl's associate, I am embarrassed by the Kohl' handles situations. I dealt with Kohl' many times on the phone when I worked for the company and sometimes got the feeling that they weren't always honest about what they could and couldn't do. I still shop at the store once in a while, but after I ordered an item from Kohl' and they cancelled the order because they didn't have the item in stock and it took almost 2 months for me to get my refund back, I will never order online from them again.

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