My husband bought me a beautiful pair of gold hoop earrings with diamond accents on Dec.18th as a Christmas gift from Kohls in Rodgers, MN.

By New Year's eve. the hook that goes through the ear broke off. They were the only pair the store in Rodgers, MN, 20 miles from our house, had.

Rather then driving 40 miles round trip in our deisel truck that get 9 miles to the gallon of fuel that costs almost $4.00 a gallon, he took them to our home town jeweler Thurber Jewlery and had them repaired by a lazer saudering method to make sure they would not break again.

Thurber Jewelers charged us $50.00 for the repair.

I contacted Kohls customer service in February and provided all the information to validate the repair and asked not for a refund but rather a $50.00 Kohls gift card to compensate us for the additional expense to repair the defective merchandise.

I am not looking for compensation for time or personal expense to take the earring for repair, just the cost of the repair.

I contacted Kohls customer service in February about this matter and a nice femaale took all the information and apparently proceed to do nothing with it.

She never suggested that I should have returned the earrings to the store and assured me that I would contacted very quickly by both email and phone for resolution of the matter.

After hearing nothing from Kohls, I contacted them again today on March 2, 2011 and talked first to Mike, and then to his supervisor Tony and could not talk to Tony's supervisor kate, because she does not work on Wednesdays. Both Tony and Mike told me that there was nothing they could do and it would have to escalated to upper management which would take another 2 weeks. I promptly and professionally asked them if this what they meant by Kohls sloggan that you can "Expect Great Things"

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ummm if I tear a shirt I just bought from the kohls and my mother stitches it up, I highly doubt Kohls would reimburse me for the needle and thread. Thats NOT any stores policy. This is Kohls not a car dealership..they dont insure items!

You could have returned them or exchanged them for a full refund!

Waterford Township, Michigan, United States #553332

I am a huge proponent for quality customer service and the first to speak up when it comes to poor service and policies. I have to say, I don't see any wrong on Kohl's part in this instance.

At the very least you should have consulted with Kohl's prior to having the repair done. I am sure they would have happily either exchanged the item for a new, non-defective one or offered a refund or store credit.

As far as feeling that the returning process itself was a burden to you- Kohl's didn't force you to buy and drive a gas guzzler. I do feel that the representative should have contacted you promptly to let you know that there was nothing they could do at this point.


I'm sorry to say but that's not one of Kohls' policies... They're not going to compensate you for a repair you did outside of Kohls for an item.

What you should've done is brought them back for an exchange or refund. But simply put, compensating you for a repair on a item is NOT one of the policies. Sorry...

but the 50 bucks you spent fixing it vs. 20 bucks to drive there and back for a exchange seems kind of ridiculous...


@oldfart - So you decide to do name calling by calling me a "pig headed" employee? It's people like you that make our jobs miserable.

But that's pretty expected since it sounds like you're a pretty miserable person yourself. Your name fits you quite well.


can someone verify that Kohls employee is in fact a pig headed employee. Although she/he is nasty and arrogant she/he does seem to show the true colors of Kohls


Look, this isn't Burger King where you can "have it your way!" Since you were ignorant enough to take the earrings and have them repaired yourself, what makes you think Kohl's is responsible for the cost of the repair? You easily could have returned the earrings and gotten another pair, and who knows, you may have even been able to talk the associate or Management into a discount for the inconvenience!

Then you could have used that extra money to pay for gas in your great big monstermobile! Instead of getting earrings repaired, I would be saving the extra money on a more economical vehicle that gets better gas mileage.


Smarter than you is smarter than you!!! Maybe you should have called first to see if you would be given the money rather than assuming and getting angry for not having it your way.


Get real! No Store whould ever compensate you for your own repairs on earings.

Dont blame Kohls for for ignorance. You return the item to the store.

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