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I've been trying to get a recruit to contact me back at Kohl's for an internship position. I'm in college right now taking up Business Administration this is my sophomore year and I have maintained a 4.0 GPA and I'm flabbergasted that when I go to the Kohl's instagram page of 2018 internship recruits I see no diversity what so ever.

They never even reached out to me to provide me with more information like they said they would. I have all the qualifications for this internship position and hope it's not because of my color as to why I haven't been contacted but I don't know what else to think. My school said they would look into this situation with Kohl's because they have had other students say the same thing.

The students are outstanding academically and personally. They're hoping that discrimination is not the issue in any of the cases as to why the students haven't been choosing to work in the Corporate office positions but we will see.

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HAHA! Stop saying everything is because of your color!

You probably just have a bad personality. Whatever it is, of course you won't tell us, because you are ashamed of it! Own up to it, live on and stop lying and making up ***. Its time to stop putting out the color card.

"I see no diversity." Well duh! How many people out there of color do you see vs the white population that are working. So little! Because they get paid from the government so they don't "have to" work!

Thus, that is why you see less of them.

Not because of color, but because they don't want to work! Just go through the application process and if you don't get in, suck it up. Find another place to go. Get over it.

You are in college now, and it is time to act like an adult! Stop complaining like a brat and work on your college degree. You're smart - you have a 4.0 GPA. Something like this shouldn't stop you from re-applying.

Maybe there was a lot of candidates and you just didn't get picked.

It happens! Move on.


They are a lousy corporate citizen. You should get experience at a company that treats its employees and customers with dignity and respect.

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