Have been very happy shopping at Kohl's and have recently spent considerable amounts there due to frequent sale prices, percentage discounts when using a Kohl's charge card, and in particular the Kohl's Cash Coupons awarded in $10 increments for each $50 spent at one time. I made a sizeable purchase at my local Kohl's two days ago and was expecting one or more of these cash coupons but when the sales associate completed the transaction without presenting any, I asked the reason.

She told me those had been discontinued the day before. When I returned home I checked the latest two flyers; the latest did not mention cash coupons but the previous one, a few days older, did.

I am very disappointed that there was no notice stating the coupons had been discontinued as they do help my budget considerably.

Location: New Buffalo, Michigan

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What kind of notice do you want when it clearly gives the dates on the ad? Are you wanting Kohl's to come to your door or provide curbside notification services for you? Yet another ridiculous complaint!


Read the ad closely and care full and prehaps slowly in your case. Its on there! Learn to read.


it's not given out all the time, only during certain times and the ads will state when it is being given out and when it can be redeemed. Why would you complain about something when you were obviously wrong?


Return all the items and repurchase on the KOHLS CASH DAYs!! Check the prices because they change according to the sales at the time. You may have done better without the KOHLS cash scam.


Why would they have an ad that states "we are not passing out Kohl's Cash right now". That makes no sense.

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