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My fiance and I are getting ready for our wedding in June 2012 and have had a horrible experience with Kohl's.

We purchased the first ring at the Shawnee Mission store's Kohl's kiosk in October and brought it in the Shawnee Mission store to be re-sized in January. They called to let us know it's in and we go to pick it up and it's no where to be found. We were so upset and puzzled about how a store can 'misplace' a diamond ring???

We ordered another ring, because they promised this doesn't ever happened and gave an even better offer than we had before. We choose to use a different store and decided to drop it off at the the Metro North store because for sure, this can't happen again, right?!? After waiting for it to come back from getting re-sized, guess what happens? They lose it again! This time, we want some answers.

They're not giving us any answers and while they are offering an even deeper discount, it's still not enough.

I know wedding planning can be stressful and it's not roses and cake all the time. But we feel violated and I, especially feel robbed of the experience of loving my ring and looking forward to having it on my finger for the rest of life.

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That is why you go to an actual jeweler.

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