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I was shopping around and found a blouse (daisy Fuente) well saw a sing that said 50% off and the blouse was 40dlls which makes the blouse to be on sale for 20, and then another sign that said 29.99 capris. When payin it rung up at 28dlls I told the laide it said 50% off.

They went and check and there was the sign but beneth all the close was another which no one could see. They called a superviser named Rachel Vasquez and told her my situation. Her respond was that she couldn't honer the price cuz the sign was ther which was cover by merchandise. All she said she couldn't cuz people would cover the price, I told her how was that if the signwas way high.

Was covred but with there merchandise that was on display.

she was.veryunpolit. This is the kohls at Eagle pass,TX 78852

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Unfortunately customers often change signs and try to get the merchandise at a lower price. In the event that a sign was placed incorrectly or was not taken down after a sale, the clerks will honor the sign.

Often customers can't or won't read the sign and assume it is for an item when it clearly states another. Since you knew what the sign problem was, it would seem that you were the cause.


I'm sure you're the one who covered up the sign thinking no one would see it just so you could scam Kohl's by getting a lower price. Nice try! Now go learn how to spell and write complete sentences!


I'm not sure what the following are:










I don't think you are old enough to shop at Kohl's. Try shopping at Baby Gap or Gymboree.

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