You people are NOT MR.or MRS.

Kohls. You act like these couponers are taking money out of your pocket. They purchase them honestly and thru ebay and spend them in the stores BECAUSE it's allowed.. Check your sources...KOHLS has not filed complaints with EBAY for selling these coupons and EBAY HAS NOT !!!!

I repeat HAS NOT removed the items because they are NOT FRADULENT ! KOHLS also puts outs %10 email offer EVERY SINGLE TIME a store opens or has a remodel.... YOU need to mind your business and believe this..CORPORATE sticks up for COUPONERS..they have even severely chastised a loss prevention employee who thought it was his job to follow people who come in regularly with coupons...they are there to catch shoplifters not customers who use coupons.


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Harwood Heights, Illinois, United States #734203

Coupons are a contract between a store, manufacturer and a customer only, and if coupons are bought and sold by third parties then both the provider and the purchaser of these coupons have committed a federal crime of fraud.


My friends purchase the coupone on ebay and provide clothes to kids that would otherwise not have them, they donate many items to charities etc...some people are trying to do good. They just like to spend time in the stores.

Some stores could care less, some stores watch you like a hawk. One store manager commented that she uses them too.

to Anonymous #725753

If they thought they were doing the right thing they wouldn't be sneaking around the stores to different registers to use them. It's stealing.


its called reading the bottom of the coupon that clearly states ONE PER CUSTOMER the cashiers aren't going to take more or they'll get in trouble


at least they didn't falsely accuse you of shop lifting.Those *** LP guys called the police on me when I had not broken the law at all.

I guess LP likes to harass people in their stores for trying on clothing in the fitting rooms.:( :( :(

to knows better #606059

oh boo-hoo and cry me a river.They caught you trying to steal.

Oh they are out to get you. Get over yourself.

No one cares about your 10 minutes of fame and theft.:cry

to @ knows nothing #645350

Obviously you care enough to post a comment responding *** lol


the coupons clearly state "one per customer"


Ignore the haters :)


Well at least your message got to 3 employees. They disagree with every pissedconsumer issue.

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