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Kohl’s should be ashamed! Don’t use their credit cards!

Kohl’s likes to repeat repeat “We appreciate the opportunity to assist you”. Really? I don’t think so! In my opinion Kohl’s will destroy your credit and rip you off with an astronomical fee.

In three months after Kohl’s sending the bill to the wrong address, Kohl’s forced my credit rating to drop MORE than 120 POINTS and gouged me with a fee of over 330%. THREE HUNDRED THIRTY PERCENT? Can you believe that? In just three months.

Kohl’s says it’s all legal. Do you really want to do business with a company like that? Kohl’s says that they appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I would like very much for this bully of a company to repair my credit and refund my over payment for using a Kohl’s credit card and for being a customer.

Kohl’s has just asked me for a PM and incident number from their brutal treatment of one of their customers. I have no idea what they are asking me for. Kohl’s never gave me the courtesy of offering me any assistance or any PM or I# when kohl’s sent bills to a wrong address.

Kohl’s it should have been obvious that a contact was needed in your company, but you offered none. Kohl’s’ customers you have been warned!!!!!!!!

Review about: Kohls Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Lady, if you think that these people are being unreasonable because you owe them money consider yourself lucky. If you owed the mafia money and did not pay back they would have handled it way worse. They would not handle it legally, and the so called "bullying" would be the least of your concern.


Grow up.

You didn’t give Kohl’s your right address. You forgot to pay your bill (you obviously knew you had a credit card, used it, and didn’t pay it off) and now you want to complain to Kohl’s.

They have you money to borrow on a credit card, that’s how it works, it’s not free money.

There are late fees and charges when you don’t pay them back for what you spent from them.

Do you think you can just take their money and not be responsible to put them back?

They are not stealing from you, you, you are taking their money, and are not paying them back. And now you expect that there is no peneality for that.

Grow up, get a job, and pay your bills. If you’re too much of baby and complain, don’t get a credit card.

I hope you learned your lesson with credit cards and now pay your bill. Or are you just going to file bankruptcy because you don’t care?


Agree with the other comments below. You need to learn how to take personal responsibility and learn how to manage credit cards without relying on a bill.

Even if you are not receiving your bills, that does not excuse you from keeping up with your account and paying your bill on-time.

Sounds like you're an irresponsible person who only blames others for your shortcomings instead of blaming YOURSELF. No one is feeling sympathy for you.

Nye County, Nevada, United States #1329578

What you need to do is grow up and pay your bills on time and you won't have to worry about Kohl's late penalty. You are acting like an eleven year old child.

No one works for Kohl's/ They are simply stating that you should pay your bills on time. For you to ASSume that we work for Kohl's shows how immature and childish you are. Instead of acting like a little kid and making excuse accept some responsibility. You know how much you spent, or approximately at least pay that much online if you did not get the billing address you can pay online.

You lied when you said that I work for Kohl's so you must be lying about other things as well such as them giving the bills to the wrong address. If they did they did it because you sent them the wrong address. You were told in your complaintsboard review that I don't work for Kohl's but you still insisted that I do. This makes you either a liar or illiterate.

But judging from your behavior I think you are just immature and don't accept responsibility for your actions.

When people tell you the truth you lie about the and claim they work for Kohl's Grow up. If the issue is they sent the bill to the wrong address have mommy or daddy help you fill out the correct address because clearly they sent you the bill to the wrong address because you are mentally retarded and gave the wrong address.


Thank you for commenting Kohl's trolls!!! I paid my bills.

I PAID them.

I hope Kohl's is paying you to post for them. Yes, I would like them to report​ that I paid even late than not reporting I didn't pay them.

to Rosella.Dobson #1329575

No one works for Kohl's you silly little girl, they are simply telling you that you should pay your bills on time.

to HaroldKane Nye County, Nevada, United States #1329576

Don't blame her, blame her parents for not raising her right and for not sending her to school

to Rosella.Dobson #1366106

This is your report. You paid in full.

Good job in growing up little boy! Do you want a lollipop now?


There are a few things what strikes me, 1. if I got a new credit card from Kohls I know there will be a bill withing 1 month, so in week 3 I would have called them and ask them when is my billcycle date and my due date, and yes I have done it before, 2.

I always log into my online account and would have set up my online account right away anyways.

3. Credit scores only get updated / reported once a month, so minimum wait time for update is 4 weeks or if you missed the data just by a few days it can take almost 2 months to see an update on credit payment.

Pasay, National Capital Region, Philippines #1325953

I paid the Kohl's with interest what I am complaining is that they refuse to report that I have paid them!!!

to Rosella.Dobson #1327908

It sounds like you want them to report that you paid them off late correct?

Because if you paid them on time, this wouldn't be an issue.

In other words they did report you paid late or that you had late payments. Did you pay and still have a balance?

Paying a credit card late can drop your score.

I'm not sure if they teach that to eleven year olds though.

to Rosella.Dobson #1374747

They did report it. That is why your credit score dropped.


to Rosella.Dobson #1380763

Rosella, I have had a very similar issue with when I changed to paperless billing and did not receive a statement for 3 months. I suspected nothing because we use the account sporadically.

When i did receive the statement I found that there was a very small balance and $90 in late charges. I called that day and they waived most of the late charges, I paid $30 in late fees and the old balance. However they still reported the late payment and will not remove it.

Having seen many similar instances

I am convinced that they have issues with their billing system as I know for a fact that I did not receive the email statements. I am considering all options to be a pain in the rear for them.

Pasay, National Capital Region, Philippines #1325952

I know you are from Kohl's and not reading really my review. I said I paid for it and if I do not intend to pay for I wouldn't have bothered calling them and pay them.

I paid them with interest but they are ungrateful. I even write to them.

I did these all of these but they never bothered of contact in regrading my credit that was due and was sent to the wrong address. I am a responsible individual who does not run away from obligation especially with credits.

to Rosella.Dobson #1366108

But it's your fault.

So you paid them late. That's it.

It's done.

They aren't your parents. They are not calling to get a booboo fix on your credit score.

Grow up and learn from your mistakes.

to Rosella.Dobson #1374746

The problem is after you paid, it was three months late. So they have the right to report that so other credit companies can know that you are a baby that can’t deal with credit cards.

Good you paid in full.

But you paid late.

Credit ruined, you’re fault. Work on fixing it because mama and dada are not here to fix your mistakes anymore.

to Rosella.Dobson #1375939

You are only ASSuming they work for Kohl's because you are mentally retarded. You don't realize that they aer stating the truth. You do not know them, so you cannot claim the work for Kohl's you retard.


If you don't want to pay off you credit cards, don't complain about it. That is all your fault.

You can mail in to pay off your credit card, call them, pay it off in store, or pay it off online. It is your fault you didn't pay it off for three months.

to Anonymous Pasay, National Capital Region, Philippines #1325954

I know you are from Kohl's! Please read my review carefully, because I have paid Kohl's full!! That is why I am mad!!!

to Rosella.Dobson Naples, Florida, United States #1332312

No one here works for Kohl's. People can tell you that you are wrong without being an employee of said company.

And you are wrong. You got the card, used the card, and failed to pay the bill on time. Your excuse is you did not get a bill. That is not a valid reason to not pay.

You know you used the card.

You know 30 days from using the card you would have a bill. You could have called the store or the number on the back of your card at any time in that 30 day cycle to ask when your billing date was.

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