SO ANGRY AT KOHLS. I have been a faithful customer for YEARS, giving them TONS of my hard earned money and buying tons of merchandise from them.

My credit report shows I have been an extremely FAITHFUL payer on their credit card. Well within the last month I had some personal problems, missed ONE payment inadvertently, and instead of just calling to discuss it with me at the time, they call to harass me THREE times over the course of 3 days, I didn't even know it was Kohl's calling me at first, just see this same stupid phone exchange on my phone. When I finally saw it was them, I went onto my account and did pay my balance IN FULL. Then, that same afternoon, they call AGAIN to harass me.

I yelled at the person I had already paid and would they quit calling now. I just saw today that this horrible company, over one missed payment has reported it to my credit and my score has dropped like 60 points. KOHLS SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR TREATING LOYAL CUSTOMERS THIS WAY. I am beyond disgusted.

There was no reason to report it to my credit, you got your stupid money. Thoroughly disgusted.

Catharine Manning

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Harassing phone calls.

  • Kohls Harassment
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To: Anonymous Boycott Kohl's. You got some growing up too do.

Telling others not too comment makes you looks rude and arrogant. This is what this website is for.

It is time for you too act like an adult instead of acting like an child. This reviews sounds so full of bull...


To: Boycott Target Clearly just because you're an customer does not mean you're entitled too have everything or something given too you if you're into the wrong! Sorry, but nobody's is buying into you review!


So glad all of you are beyond perfect and able to make judgments of everyone else. I feel honored to meet Jesus Christ incarnated in all of you.

Unfreaking believable. Take care of your own lives and leave mine alone.

to Anonymous #1587192

To: Anonymous 23 hours ago. This is an review site.

People are going too comment the way they want. When they want. Employees or customers.

Clearly you don't understand that there are customers that are not always right. People can tell when the customers are so full of lies after lies.

to Anonymous #1588436

Then Why did you post on this website?

to Anonymous #1592728

To: Anonymous October 23rd. Well.

People are judging you because of the way you are acting too the employees that are doing their jobs as they are following their rules and their policies. Entitled customers like you are what is wrong with the world today.


Everything in life has consequences. Your parents should've taught you this.


It doesn't matter how many moons & years you've been a loyal customer. You STILL missed a payment, so you have to accept the consequences. Didn't they teach you this in elementary school???


All credit card companies have a right under the Fair Credit Report Act to report any debt, missed payment, or late payment to your credit report. Just because you state you're a "faithful customer," giving them "tons" of your hard earned money, buying "tons" of merchandise, blah, blah, blah, does not give you some type of "status" that they should forgive you for missing a payment.

Otherwise, they would have to do that for everyone. Learn to take responsibility for your mistakes and quit trying to blame others.


I am not interested in fighting with anyone. It is what it is.

Yeah, I screwed up, yes I missed a payment. They obviously have the power to do whatever they want with your credit account. Im not interested in getting in fights with anyone. I was just very upset that I was an extremely good customer, I shopped there constantly.

Then I only missed one payment, and wasn't even aware that I missed it, and they go to the drastic measure of dropping my credit score on top of harassing me. Yes, they're all entitled to do it. Im aware of it all. I don't want to fight with anyone.

I realize they can do whatever they want. And this Pissed Consumer is the most ridiculous website Ive ever seen, you can't delete your comment, or delete your account.

Unbelievable. You all have a wonderful day and no further nasty comments to me are necessary, please.

to Miscellaneyus #1586671

To: ClassicPorcupine. This is an review website. People are allowed too comment.

to Miscellaneyus #1587869

To: Classic Porcupine What is necessary for entitled customers too be called out. Don't know how many people need too tell you and educate you onto that!

to Anonymous Trends 2018 #1592032

To: Anonymous Trends. Agreed.

While i was into the line at the register at an retail store. A couple was was so mean and nasty too an group of employees and managers. I have heard the couple being rude and arrogant too the group of employees and managers, calling the managers and the employees out of their names for no reason. I am not going too say what they said.

It was too brutal. I am so shocked and appalled that people still acting this day and age. I was so mad and sad about this reported this too the store manager. I was the only one confronting the couple for the way they were treating these employees and managers.

The other customers were not stepping in.

I had the store manager tell me that the couple do this all of the time too the employees and too the managers. That's really upsetting that manager is not doing anything about them!



to Coffeelover #1578673

Really? *** off.


Blah blah blah -this is a complaint about Kohls. Don’t need or appreciate or want public comments.

I’m entitled to my feelings also. Kohls is the store I shop at.

Not my problem what their bank is. I will say or feel whatever I want.

to Anonymous #1578972

You Do realize that Anyone can comment on your complaint... right? This Is a public website.


This is a public forum, if you don't want feed back don't post. Kohl's does not read nor respond to this forum. Try talking with the credit card company in a civil manner, they will work with you.


Are you from Kohl's? I didn't request your opinion or feelings.

to Anonymous #1580002

You Do realize that Anyone can comment on your complaint... right? This Is a public website.

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