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I purchased a Kitchenaid mixer from kohls.com on November 24th.It was advertised as an early Black Friday deal for $224.00, but with the code advertised, the price dropped to $210.00.

An additional $50 rebate was offered through kitchen aid, lowering the price to $160.00, which is a great price. This mixer is normally $350.00. I got a confirmation from kohls that it had shipped and would be delivered by December 5th. I checked the tracking after several days and it had stayed at its first location, and it said tracking was unavailable.

This continued until December 10th, when I called the customer service number and spoke to someone there. She said she'd open a case, and if it wasn't found I would get my money back. I told her I didn't want the money, I just wanted the mixer, as I would not be able to buy it at the price it is now. I said I could just get store credit so I could get the mixer at the kohls store by me, so long as the credit paid for the mixer which is now on sale for $250.

I called back the next day and was told by a different kohls worker, "To be honest with you, we will probably credit your account." I told him that would NOT be acceptable since I can not get the mixer for that price anywhere now that the Black Friday deals are over. I asked to speak to his manager. I was then explaining this to the manager, Alex, who told me the mixer was lost and he would make a deal with me. He would credit my account the $210.00.

Then he would sell the mixer to me for $173.00. I explained that was $13.00 more than the price I was promised. He explained he couldn't get it lower and it was better than waiting for a rebate. I told him I don't mind waiting for a rebate.

I explained that I don't have enough money in my bank account to have him take out$173.00 without him making sure the $210 was credited to my account first. He told me to call back when I had enough money in my account and then I could get the $173 deal. At this point, I decided I would do without the mixer and NEVER shop at Kohls again. He apologized that I wouldn't be getting the mixer.

He acknowledged it was a great deal.

He said he got one for his mom for Christmas.I expressed how happy I was that hers didn't get lost in the mail.

Reason of review: Never received merchandise I paid for. Was lost in mail and I can no longer get it at the price I paid. Terrible customer service.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Preferred solution: I proposed that they allow me to go to the kohls store and simply pick up the mixer I bought at kohls.com, since they lost my mixer. They would not do this. They credited my account and I can't afford to buy the mixer at the price it is now. .

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Why would they allow u to just walk into a store and leave with a mixer, that my dear is theft, you purchased the item from N online warehouse not tHe store u want to go grab one from. And how can u say you lost money based on a price you never had for a. Item you bought that conveniently was lost that is a postal issue I'd be happy they credited back my money and not complain.


Kohls.com sucks.Try taking your paperwork to the store and nicely explain to them what happened.

They may mark it down for you. It's worth a shot.

Remember the nice part.The store didn't make the mistake, kohls.com did.

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