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Purchased two canon t6 cameras at BF price, one for me and other for my wife as we both wanted dlsrs for bird photography. Order was accepted because i even got the kohls cash added to my account to use on nov 26.

Yesterday received an email from kohls informing that the order had been cancelled because the item was sold out.

I ordered online and the item was available. How come in 2017 you cant manage your inventory?

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Say there are 20,000 people in line at every store in the country. And 50 cameras at every store.

You're not the only person shopping.

Stop acting like you're owed something. Wait in line like everyone else.

to Anonymous #1398521

Uh... I shouldnt but here it goes Its online stock management.

You lock the item in the cart and the system blocks the item/inventory for x minutes for you to checkout.

Basic ecommerce/online practice which you obviously are not familiar with. Read more before you make yourself an *** with misinformed comments.


Just found this on their web site:

My order was canceled the day after placing it.

There was likely an issue with our inventory. Although we initially thought the item was in stock, when we actually went to locate it, it was no longer available.

The item may already be on order for backfill. We apologize for the inconvenience, but encourage you to check back in a week or so.

It's amazing that a company dares to make something like this "official".

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