I recently have a law suit against Kohl's #642 here in San Antonio Texas and against Mike Robson, one of their managers :/

Mike Robson filed a false police report accusing me of yieling at associates and at customers. The video could have prove my case in court but instead they turned in an affidavit saying that the video i was requesting had gotten damaged and that " ONLY HALF " of the DATA was lost and that in that DATA was the incident i was refering to.

I have tried not to influence my family to stop buying at Kohl's because i believe that Mike Robson's criminal act is going to affect inocent manufacture good working people. So far i have refrain myself from buying in any Kohl's due to the fact that Mike Robson continues to be part of Kohl's and that they have not make any effort to protect other customers from this person. Please be aware. I asked for an apology because they fail to remove the sacurity tags from my items and instead of an apology Mike Robson called the police after the fact that i was already driving in my car.

He called the police and in the phone call and the police report he stated that i was inside and that i was refusing to leave and that he had to escort me out and that when he went to get my license plates that i had continued to creat disturbance yieling at customers. Everything a total lie. I still have my case pending in court #10. As I said at the begining, I have not influenced my family not to shop there but Today my son found one of the shirts he bought yesterday and it had the security tag on.

I hope this Criminal Mike Robson and Robby Luna are not in charge of customer service when my son goes back to request for the security tag to be removed. As for me...I will not go back to shop in any Kohl's until I find justice

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Manager.

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

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Ok one lady you really need to learn howyto spell. You look really ignorant on here trying to talk down Kohls when you can't even spell?

Second I go to that Kohls all time and am always treated with the utmost respect. I also work retail.. Now I was always taught to be nice whomever the customer is but when you go in a store as frantic as you did over something as small as this tag then you honestly need a life. Sounds likeyyou just want a little something out of this...

If not apologizing is a criminal act then ill go to jail right along with Mike.

Get over this lady and go donate blood or something.. Find something to do other than to try to slander the name of an awesome manager.


OP's spelling is irrelavant. No where does it "talk down" about kohls, rather it brings awareness about this one specific mamager mike.

How you have been treated in other kohl establoshments or how you give customer service os completely irrelavanta well. Where you there when the incident occured? Then why do you say OP was "frantic"? An apology when a mistake has been made never hurt anyone.

Do you peraonally know OP? To stoop so low as to personally attack without knowledge if OP has a regular blood donor? Or has a serious illness that does not allow it? Do you peraonally know the manager to state that he is so awesome?

Its only slander if its untrue.. Fortunately for mike the video tape was lost.


I cant believe this happened over a year ago and it's still a topic in the local area. I used to work at that Kohl's and all I can say is WOW!

There are always 2 sides to every story and from what I see here, its all one sided. This woman who has put Mikes name all over the WWW. I had a flyer put on my car with this guys info on it. Other associates found it on craigslist!

Craigslist? She even went so far as to contact people on Facebook that work at Kohls. There are people out there that just can't be satisfied no matter how many times you apologize or give them what they want. I know for a fact that this customer was apologized several times to.

I found out this customer who is named Nancy Martinez(felt only right since his name is all over the place) has a relative who works at that store...HMMM! In any case, Nancy Martinez probably is a good person and I know Mike is a good manager so maybe she was just having a bad day. This whole thing about her not screaming at people. Why would someone make that up over a hard tag.

Come on now.

I've never seen the police called for someone getting upset but I have seen them called for people out of control. All I'm saying is there is always 2 sides.







Maybe the video would set him free....anyone thought about that? This is an issue with a companies handle of a situation that took place.

Maybe the manager is upset about the way the company handled it.

I agree had to look. Always 2 sides..


By giving away this woman's name , You just made this case more realistic and worthy to be followed. My Hat is off to Nancy Martinez for being such a brave person.


hahahahaha! you were not even there...

Now who's talking ***....

Go figure!


Well... there is always two sides to the story.

However, it seems as if Mike Robson does not want to tell his side.. is he hiding for a reason?

Think about it, if the manager is truely upset by the way the company handled the situation and knows how they mishandled it, for example if he knows whether the company got rid of the tape which could have potentially proved either ors case, he should be corageous enough to tell that to the court. Right?


I have one of the flyers but there's nothing of this guy's personal info, you're just making that up. The flyer is intended to locate a lady and a guy hat were out side the store and that witnessed the incident and thats all.

You people need to stop being so bias.

I see that @wow has more insite in this case than anyone else.

If the manager knows something about how the case was mishandled I would think he can still do the right thing and speak up


Finally, we are passed the argument of OP's bad spelling and use of incorrect grammar. I misspelled some words too expecting some criticism specially from you @that guy but I honestly see that you are truly interested in this incident.

My question is why are you so intrigued? Maybe you should contact the local news and question their lack of interest in this case since it has become a public matter. As "Had To Look" mentioned, this lady has tried by all means to create awareness of a situation that happened to her and that has the potential to happen to others. Apparently it did happen to another customer as far as we know by the police report case # OP mentioned in her previous replies to some comments.

Anyways long story short I can tell you that if the local media picks up this story I will make sure that they get a hold of the flyer and you will see that "HAD TO LOOK" just made this up. I'm not defending anybody's side here: I just think that what many of you are doing is even worse than what OP is doing.

At no time Have I seen OP using foul language to refer to this manager or anyone else yet I see many responding to OP's posting with such anger and hostility that it's just surreal.


Who said anything about foul language? You can be irate and not use foul language.

Fortunately for Mike Robson there is no tape? Tape or not, Were you there? How do you know there was no apology? Just by one persons statement.

The other person had the police called because they were doing something suspicious in the parking lot and...... has nothing to do with this issue. Did this other person get a criminal trespassing? Why doesn't he speak up?

Any person involved would be smart not to say anything until they appear in court.

Criminal? ok...Everyone is entitled to an opinion so post away.....


Wow take your own advice you ***. A 5th grader has better grammer and spelling then you.


looks whos talking! I bet you bit your tonguee??? lol!!!


I think you meant, *than, *grammar

And you forgot to add your commas after wow and advice

Now who has better grammar and spelling than a 5th grader? Clearly not you. Try again next time :grin


I think that you have serious emotional and psychological problems because you are way out of line. This case is important to customers so I would advice that you find yourself a new page to make a blog of your own and stop using this one as a center of attention for your own issues. Clearly there are many comments that can be considered against this site policies that should be deleted.


I think you need to type slowly next time your comment doesn't make any since.

You forgot 'a' after 'have'

Its advise not advice

Just a few helpful hints :)

Nonetheless I agree this person has some serious issues. 8)


*sense :p


,) at least we agreed! :) :) :)


Okay come on Mike Robson, just use your real name, we know it's you.


Wow, I cannot believe how immature "adults" can be. I worked at THAT Kohl's when this happened and when you post *** like this it makes me sad for people like you.

For people reading this, we will gladly take of security tags that we missed because people make mistakes, it happens because no one is perfect. This person walked into the store demanding that the lingerie associate apologize for the inconvenience. FYI, the lingerie associate has NOTHING to do with the taking off of security tags. So the fact that Mike, the manager, was not going to make her apologize makes him a good manager and a good person.

When you yell and scream and pass out flyers around the forum saying how horrible he is.. come on.. how do you think that made you look? And honestly, do you really think your "protest" against Kohl's is going to make a difference?

I think they have done pretty well without you. Well.. that's all I have to say..

I just figured the people your crying to should know the real story. (By the way, you spelled innocent wrong :grin )

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