I recently have a law suit against Kohl's #642 here in San Antonio Texas and against Mike Robson, one of their managers :/

Mike Robson filed a false police report accusing me of yieling at associates and at customers. The video could have prove my case in court but instead they turned in an affidavit saying that the video i was requesting had gotten damaged and that " ONLY HALF " of the DATA was lost and that in that DATA was the incident i was refering to.

I have tried not to influence my family to stop buying at Kohl's because i believe that Mike Robson's criminal act is going to affect inocent manufacture good working people. So far i have refrain myself from buying in any Kohl's due to the fact that Mike Robson continues to be part of Kohl's and that they have not make any effort to protect other customers from this person. Please be aware. I asked for an apology because they fail to remove the sacurity tags from my items and instead of an apology Mike Robson called the police after the fact that i was already driving in my car.

He called the police and in the phone call and the police report he stated that i was inside and that i was refusing to leave and that he had to escort me out and that when he went to get my license plates that i had continued to creat disturbance yieling at customers. Everything a total lie. I still have my case pending in court #10. As I said at the begining, I have not influenced my family not to shop there but Today my son found one of the shirts he bought yesterday and it had the security tag on.

I hope this Criminal Mike Robson and Robby Luna are not in charge of customer service when my son goes back to request for the security tag to be removed. As for me...I will not go back to shop in any Kohl's until I find justice

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Manager.

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

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And you're able to screw yourself to. And it's so clear that you're the one from the review or you're one of those types no employee or manager has to deal with.


Screw you too. Someone needs to educate you and teach you that "No, the customer is not always right." I am going to guess you're the one from the false claims and false review.


Agreed. We are always able too tell when an customer tells lies and fabricate details while they are trying too cover their tracks. It's so bad and sad too see employees and management too be treated like this.


Why are you assuming this person *stole* merchandise from Kohl’s. ? Are you a Kohls executive?


People are able to tell when customers lie and fabricate. And people are allowed to call out and confront them! You're too slow to understand that!


why are you able to think customers are able to get away with lying and fabricating! You're encouraging people do so.


Why are you questioning people who are calling out and confronting entitled customers? They deserve to be called out and confronted. Clearly you're dumb.


Why are people like you lying and fabricating details? We all know you're the one from the review looking for fame and attention!


You're sounding like a chauvinist pig. Do you want someone to put you into your place?


Agreed. This customer is just looking for fame and attention.


This is the boston bomber's mother. You know who i am.

And you know what you americans did to my family. And yet you people into american should be prepared for another attack. This covd 19 break is only the start i started with china. I escaped my country to make you people paid for yours.

I am allied with china and want to ruin american lives for what they did. You people cannot deport me back!


In other words, "waaaaaaaahhh!"


Kohls did something similar to me as well. Accused me of shoplifting when I didn't steal anything from their stores.

Is it my fault that their fitting rooms are messy and gross? If they would clean out the fitting rooms, they would find the clothing I tried on. Needless to say, I don't shop at Kohls.

I hope they go out of business! :(


Good for you tidbirdie, if they don't treat you with respect take your business somewhere else like I did :)


There is an difference between treat others with respect and others knowing where they put their stuff. Everybody is responsible for their own clothes into their own fitting room.

This customer is just looking for attention and looking to start something with the employees and the managers. It's so bad and sad you're encouraging this person to do this!


Just because someone comments does not mean that they are from the company or the store. Only someone who has an slow education and brain understands that, duh!


No. Just calling out customers that lie and fabricating details. Looks like you don't know the difference.


Why bash others who are calling out and confronting entitled customers? You're the reviewer.

It's so clear that you are.

Got news for you: Just because you're a customer does not mean you're able to get away with anything. Nobody owes you anything at all.


Why? Because entitled customers deserve to be called out and confronted.

It's so clear you're one of them with that mindset! What a dummy you are!


Why bash this customer? Are you a Kohl’s executive?

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