I recently have a law suit against Kohl's #642 here in San Antonio Texas and against Mike Robson, one of their managers :/

Mike Robson filed a false police report accusing me of yieling at associates and at customers. The video could have prove my case in court but instead they turned in an affidavit saying that the video i was requesting had gotten damaged and that " ONLY HALF " of the DATA was lost and that in that DATA was the incident i was refering to.

I have tried not to influence my family to stop buying at Kohl's because i believe that Mike Robson's criminal act is going to affect inocent manufacture good working people. So far i have refrain myself from buying in any Kohl's due to the fact that Mike Robson continues to be part of Kohl's and that they have not make any effort to protect other customers from this person. Please be aware. I asked for an apology because they fail to remove the sacurity tags from my items and instead of an apology Mike Robson called the police after the fact that i was already driving in my car.

He called the police and in the phone call and the police report he stated that i was inside and that i was refusing to leave and that he had to escort me out and that when he went to get my license plates that i had continued to creat disturbance yieling at customers. Everything a total lie. I still have my case pending in court #10. As I said at the begining, I have not influenced my family not to shop there but Today my son found one of the shirts he bought yesterday and it had the security tag on.

I hope this Criminal Mike Robson and Robby Luna are not in charge of customer service when my son goes back to request for the security tag to be removed. As for me...I will not go back to shop in any Kohl's until I find justice

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Manager.

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

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Take this down


I will not be shopping at Kohls anymore. Dropping My Pillow because of his political stance is just wrong.

Consumers can make their own decision on what to buy. Stay out of politics!!

I will be cutting up my charge card and will be shopping at JCPenneys now. Poor decision Kohls!


This is just wrong. Politics has no place in the retail world.

I will no longer shop at Kohl’s.

My family are all Democrats and they agree. Shameful!


"My family are all Democrats and they agree" As if you talk to all of your family. Normal families have better things to talk about than a pillow with a 'tard like you.

What did you do, have a Zoom call or take a poll? This is why your family wants nothing to do with you...

Remember, you can fool these people but stop fooling yourself. it's so sad....


JCP pulled pillow tard!!!!


“ Stay out of politics!!” Uhmmm didn’t Majic Mike engage in politics? He’s now experiencing Consequence Culture and is now being sued.


My husband bought me a heated blanket for my birthday and it was missing a cord the person at kohl’s 1800 number told me he wouldn’t do anything about it. What am I supposed to do with the blanket with no cord the package was open when I received it.

He paid $70 for my blanket I want a refund. You guys are supposed to make the custom happy.


It sounds like you're more upset over the fact that you're mad and angry because you cannot get your way as a customer!


Agreed with you. Customers like this are looking for fame and attention!


My Family, Friends and Co-Workers will not shop this store until you reinstate the My Pillow Product. Your Corporate Webpage states that you believe in Diversity and Veterans, I don't think so, seems like that was a communist move you made.


You are obviously leaving holes in the story. Obviously something happened between the time that you asked Mike to remove the tags form your clothing to the time they called the police.

The courts will see that and you will lose the case. Besides they have a right to refuse service. If you were inside the store obviously YOU DID refuse to leave when asked. You are right everything is total lie.

Your whole review is a total lie.

If your son behaves himself they will likely remove the tag without an issue. But after seeing you throw a temper tantrum when you do not get your way he will probably follow suit.


You have to take responsibility for your own actions. No one will go out of their way to call the police on you unless you have been in the wrong.

We all have a life (except you apparently).

If you would grow up and realize your mistake and get over it, you wouldn’t have to deal with a lawsuit. Do the right thing next time and grow up from this.


Agreed with you. And it's so bad and sad customers that take their problems out onto the employees and managers. No employee or manager should go through this!


Agreed. This reviewer is acting like a child, not a adult. No employee or manager should deal with these customers that act like this.


Agreed with you. And the people that put your comment down are the same people who don't know how take care of their own responsibility. It's so bad and sad sad to see people have to take their problems out onto others.


So you didn't say why you stole the clothes in the first place? You missed that part. You should update this false review.


Clearly you cannot make assumptions or accusations about others. Nobody knows if they are or are not false.

People need evidence onto that. So how about stop commenting and shut up!

Screw You! So much hate and arrogance coming from people like you thinking that this is okay!


I'm agreeing with you people need proof onto something when people can or cannot prove it, too debunk or too not debunk it. But, there are always entitled customers that are always getting away with playing the entitlement or the race card onto other employees or managers when their reviews don't add up.

It makes employees and managers question the loyalty of how nice and sweet or how mean and nasty the customers are too treat these employees and managers who are doing nothing wrong. You should understand where the employees and managers are coming from too.


And cleary there are employees and managers who are always treated like garbage by customers who lies and fabricate. Clearly there is an difference between making assumptions and accusations about others and defending others who are doing their jobs. I am going too guess you're not working into retail and you're one of those entitled customers.


And clearly nobody has taught you to No, the customer is not always right! It's so bad and sad to see you're thinking any employee or manager is able to get treated like garbage and trash by any entitled customer!

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