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I recently have a law suit against Kohl's #642 here in San Antonio Texas and against Mike Robson, one of their managers :/

Mike Robson filed a false police report accusing me of yieling at associates and at customers.The video could have prove my case in court but instead they turned in an affidavit saying that the video i was requesting had gotten damaged and that " ONLY HALF " of the DATA was lost and that in that DATA was the incident i was refering to.

I have tried not to influence my family to stop buying at Kohl's because i believe that Mike Robson's criminal act is going to affect inocent manufacture good working people. So far i have refrain myself from buying in any Kohl's due to the fact that Mike Robson continues to be part of Kohl's and that they have not make any effort to protect other customers from this person. Please be aware. I asked for an apology because they fail to remove the sacurity tags from my items and instead of an apology Mike Robson called the police after the fact that i was already driving in my car.

He called the police and in the phone call and the police report he stated that i was inside and that i was refusing to leave and that he had to escort me out and that when he went to get my license plates that i had continued to creat disturbance yieling at customers. Everything a total lie. I still have my case pending in court #10. As I said at the begining, I have not influenced my family not to shop there but Today my son found one of the shirts he bought yesterday and it had the security tag on.

I hope this Criminal Mike Robson and Robby Luna are not in charge of customer service when my son goes back to request for the security tag to be removed.As for me...I will not go back to shop in any Kohl's until I find justice

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So you didn't say why you stole the clothes in the first place? You missed that part. You should update this false review.

Tenafly, New Jersey, United States #1215976

In other words, "waaaaaaaahhh!"

Broomfield, Colorado, United States #793661

Kohls did something similar to me as well.Accused me of shoplifting when I didn't steal anything from their stores.

Is it my fault that their fitting rooms are messy and gross? If they would clean out the fitting rooms, they would find the clothing I tried on. Needless to say, I don't shop at Kohls.

I hope they go out of business!:(

to tidbirdie #803416

Good for you tidbirdie, if they don't treat you with respect take your business somewhere else like I did :)

to tidbirdie #1087932

how about lazy a$$es like you clean up after yourself and put the clothes back? they didn't magically appear in the fitting room on their own YOU brought them in so YOU should put them back.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1206533

If she did that they would know she did not steal the clothing.

Fairfield, California, United States #735339

You should just stay indoors. Stop going into stores and stealing things. Hope you like jail.

to lol at u #796445

@ tidbirdie

:) I as well stopped shopping at Kohl's

to lol at u Pomona, California, United States #804666

@lol at u

LOL at U :p


Why would you yell at store associates?Let me guess, you are one of the "Let me speak to your manager, Ill get my way" types?

Yeah I figured. The universe has a message for you, it asked me to deliver it. You are but a particle within a larger realm of particles within a sub-space within a larger sub-space within an infinite domain of larger particles. As a particle, the amount of gravity you generate is not greater than other particles around you.

Confused? Yeah I thought so.

You don't generate enough gravity to cause Earth to rotate around you.And it definitely does not owe you anything.

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