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I love the store. but i’m getting sick and *** tired of having to go back every god damn time because they forgot to take the alarm off it. it’s really *** annoying considering i have children who i have to take just to take this *** off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Mistakes happen. The associates are human too, you know.

I highly doubt it happens every time.

Relax. It's not the end of the world.

to IAmRight #1599949

If an associate of the store makes the same mistake multiple times its ok and slides under the carpet, but if a customer tries on a scarf or a hat and accidentally forgets to remove the item before exiting the store then you would be huffing and puffing calling them a low life thief despite the customer having a slight accident slip of mind once. Or if a store has self check out only and a customer accidentally forgets to scan an item out of 100 while they have a toddler yanking at their pants leg asking for candy you would call them every name under the sun and have them hauled away a felon over a bag of flour that failed to scan. But again the kohls employees can make mistakes over and over and yet its ok in your closed minded world where the store employees and corporate are " always right" and the customers are worthless pieces of ....................

to Mister Customer #1600200

"iamright" is either a shill planted by Kohl's to somehow try to justify poor customer service and other issues that frustrate the public, or He's a Kohl's store level employee who independently and voluntary takes it upon himself to talk on here in a very rude, arrogant, and aggressive demeanor since he feels secure hiding behind a computer screen but fails to realize he can still be liable for his actions both in terms of his Kohl's employment and legally prosecuted.

to Anonymous #1602277

Never ceases to amaze me how many people think companies will plant shills on a complaint site. I am neither of what you mentioned.

This is a public site. Therefore anyone is entitled to come on here and comment as they see fit. Legally prosecuted for what?

Go ask your parents to put you back through law school. I'm not going to reply further because people like you are a waste of my time and space.

to Mister Customer #1602271

So you took my 4-sentence comment and decided to reply with a nonsensical comment to try and justify something so small and petty, all while being "extra." Guess you're one of those "mistakes never happen to me because I'm perfect" types. Nice try. Thanks for playing.


It happens. When the alarm goes off as.you are walking out the door, turn back, go to checkout and have them check for hard tags.

I seriously doubt that it's every time.

Certain departments and brands have alarms on all clothes. Maybe nicely tell employees checking you that you have had tags missed, please check that all are removed.

to Anonymous #1593905

um. no.

every time. this order was even an online order that i picked up.

the alarms don’t go off when i walk out. but thanks for the suggestions.

to Anonymous #1594068

Or just train employees to remove the tags at the time of purchase instead of expecting the customers to request over and over for an employee to preform an important step of the checkout process.

to Mister customer #1594475

thank you “mister customer” finally someone sees what i’m trying to say!

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