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I also want to complain about Kohl's 'misleading advertising'. Seems that their % off coupons and 'Kohl's bucks' MUST be used for merchandise that you CHARGE on your Kohl's charge card. Convenient for them huh? I happen to feel that using charge cards, especially...
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The Kohls bucks are totally misleading and bait and switch never to visit Kohls ever again

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#354728 Review #354728 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Tucker, Georgia
Kohls Deal

KOHLS, KOHLS CASH & % off coupons is bs!

First of all you purchase two sets of dishes on sale for $34.99 each for two one four piece place settings. I had 30% off coupon and $30 in KOHLS CASH. The purchase price should have been less than it was because they told me the KOHLS cash comes off first then they discount the remainder of the amount left by the 30% off coupon. THAT is how KOHLS is making out. I doubt all the little housewives, and the office people running to KOHLS like me at lunchtime with a smile on their face come out with a frown only to find this out - You really dont get the full discount. YES you earned the KOHLS CASH and they explained it to me like this: The KOHLS cash is like a gift card. Well if you used the 30% off coupon first and then a gift card normailly, why is it that they do this with the KOHLS CASH???? I AM GOING TO TAKE MY CARD, PAY IT OFF AND CLOSE IT AND SHOP AT JCPENNEY FROM NOW ON - AT LEAST I WILL KNOW THE BOTTOM LINE PRICE WHEN I WALK OUT THE DOOR. They make money on each and every purchase - dont tell me that they dont know how this works and why they do what they do and that they dont know most people arent smart enough to figure this one out. Its economics..enjoy! KOHLS merchandise is no better than any other store selling merchandise from overseas.
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It clearly states on the back of Kohls cash that it is subtracted before other discounts. ..

So you're angry because you can't read English, or what? You're complaining about getting $30 off?

Ok, go to JCP and pay $30 more. You'll be crawling back to Kohls I bet.


READ THE FINE PRINT! It's printed on the back of the Kohl's Cash about it being deducted prior to % off discounts.

I guess reading is fundamental!

Oh, and go ahead and start getting ripped off by JCPenney. I'm sure they would love to have your business since the company seems to be losing millions each quarter.


Are sales really as good as they seem?

Updated at 05:42 PM today

TAGS:troubleshooter, diane wilson

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- With big sales and deep discounts, it seems like it's always easy to find something on sale at Kohl's. But are the prices really as good as they seem?

"I like to shop here because they have all kinds of specials. I get the discounts, you know, in the mail and that helps a lot with the budget," Kohl's shopper Shelly Harrill said.

And shopper Sherdenia Weaver told me she saved $47.52 during her trip to the major retailer.

But are the savings really as much as you think?

We went shopping undercover to several Triangle-area Kohl's stores checking price tags. It was the price tags that surprised us. We found more than one sticker on many items, with the price tag on top going up instead of down, even though the items were on sale.

We found markups as little as $2, but some were as high as $50.

In the bedding department there was a comforter set on sale for 50% off the sticker price of $139.99. Underneath that sticker was a price tag for $119.99, a $20 increase in price.

There was a clock listed at 55% off $99.99, but underneath that sticker was a price tag $10 cheaper at $89.99.

We spotted another price increase with a photo album that's 55% off. The price tag on top was $29.99, but we peeled that back and found a sticker for $21.99, an $8 difference.

But this wasn't just on house goods. On a pair of $30 athletic pants, there was a price tag underneath for $2 cheaper at $28 bucks.

We also found price hikes on items not on sale. A Kitchen Aid mixer's sticker price said $549.99, but when we peeled that bag there was a price tag for $50 cheaper at $499.99.

Right in the middle of our months-long investigation, Kohl's started changing the majority of their tags to electronic pricing. Still, we found discrepancies.

On a coffee maker the old paper price tag said $129.99, but the new electronic price tag right next to it said it costs $10 more at $139.99.

When we went to check out, we asked for the lower price with the bedding set. The top sticker said $139.99, but the sticker beneath was $20 cheaper.

Undercover shopper: "We noticed that under the sticker here there's a different price."

Cashier: "Right, that's why they put that other one over top of it. It was probably a price change."

Undercover shopper: "But its lower. This one is $119, that's $139

Cashier: "That's lower than this one?"

Undercover shopper: "Yeah, that's $139."

Cashier: "Right, it was probably a mark up, so they put it over the old UPC."

When we asked why there was a mark-up, the manager said, "The price of cotton goes up, so all our new product, the same one, like we might have had this one, but we get shipped new ones. The vendor actually says the new retail is $139 because cotton prices went up 70% in the last six months. So it's more expensive for us to make. And it's just like anything else that goes up in price, like a car from one year to the next year."

Our undercover shopper asked if Kohl's would take 50% off the old price and the manager did. But once we got the bedding outside of the store and took a closer look, we realized that the bedding was not cotton, it was 100% polyester.

Our investigation continued at the Kohl's at Brier Creek. We asked if we could be charged the sale price on a pot and pan set off the bottom sticker of $119.99 as opposed to the top sticker which was $30 more at $149.99.

Cashier: "The 30% is taken off of the original price, which was $149 and that brought it down to $99."

Undercover shopper: "Ohhh. But if $149 is the original price, then why would a price tag below it be, because obviously $119 was put on first because it's below it."

Cashier: It's probably an early bird special or something, a different kind of a discount program. Sometimes we have these programs on a Friday evening or a Saturday morning that are what they call early birds, extra discounts."

But once we asked more questions, the manager stepped in and told us the price increase was actually because of the manufacturer.

I reached out to Kohl's corporate headquarters in Wisconsin and was told, "When determining pricing, including any necessary price changes, the buyers consider a number of factors, including the regular prices of Kohl's competitors for similar merchandise as well as Kohl's costs for the goods being sold& changes to Kohl's "off-sale" prices are infrequently made. While the percentage discount offered may vary from sale event to sale event, Kohl's does not raise "Regular" or "Original" prices on a short term basis just for purposes of offering deeper discounts during a future sales event. As is common in the retail industry, from time-to-time, product prices are increased due to production and raw material cost increases. When these types of price increases are implemented, our stores are instructed to re-ticket all items currently in our inventory to match the prices on the tags for all in-coming merchandise."

Kohl's also adds they, "constantly evaluate our competitors' pricing for similar products and are confident that Kohl's pricing remains competitive in the department store marketplace."

They encourage any customers that may be unhappy with their purchases for any reason to take advantage of Kohl's quick, convenient and hassle-free return policy.

When you're shopping this holiday season, you will see lots of sales, but look closely to see if the price you're paying is really the lowest.


Go shop at Penneys or Macys or wherever. WHO CARES? If you think that no other store has a markup you are so wrong.


Fisher price toys marked up so much even with the 30% off coupon it is over the manufacturers suggested retail price. No holiday shopping at Kohls. it is bs


name change in order KOHLS CASH to KOHLS SCAM.

some great websites explaining how to use the KOHLS CASH (SCAM) in your favor.


Are you surprised or shocked that a retailer expects to make money on your purchase? That is why they are in business!!!


You sure are not smart.


Kohls has a racket going for sure. Shop elseware KOHLS sucks.

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#354173 Review #354173 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Albany, New York

DON'T Trust KOHL'S w/Your E-Mail Address!

After placing an order with Kohls, Online, my previously 'nice & quiet' E-Mail Address, of 8 years, is suddenly being inundated and assaulted with a bombardment of multiple UNWANTED advertisers, flooding my Inbox 24/7. It's insane and 'trashy'! Each time I open my Inbox (throughout the day) I now need to 'wade through' and delete from six to 15 Advertisements. I've used this E-Mail address for years, placing orders with many merchandisers, and conducting business activity. This is the first company / merchandiser to grossly abuse the privilege of access to my E-Mail address. They must be selling their Customer's E-Mail addresses.
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Everytime I make a purchase at I always get an email asking me to write a review for the item. I don't want to!

STOP EMAILING. But THERE IS NO UNSUBSCRIBE OPTION. In addition, everytime I shop in-store, I always get an email thanking me for shopping in-store. STOP EMAILING.

Again, there is no unsubscribe option! Kohls just continues to harass me over and over again with worthless unwanted emails. However, my friend always gets the "Mystery Deal" emails, BUT I DON'T. Not once.


To all the braindead TROLLS on here commenting as if Kohls is God, go get a life. You are angry bitter ugly souls who have nothing better to do with your life than to harass consumers with VALID complaints.


Kohls sucks. Kohls coupons sucks. Kohls sucks


Wow you must be mental. Kohls doesn't sell out email address cause there isn't any profit in them.

Kohl's get rich off credits cards. Oh by the way, your computer probably has a virus thus their stealing your information.

Its very easy for an email to get loose its all very easy TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM KOHLS EMAILS AND HIT DELETE ALL IN YOUR EMAIL BOX. Please get some common sense before you make bogus mistakes.


Oh good God! Don't you know how to click the link at the bottom of the e-mail that says "Unsubscribe"????

Kohl's doesn't sell e-mail addresses, which is written in their Privacy Policy. Now hurry up and go click that "unsubscribe" link down at the bottom of the e-mail before you come back on here and start whining!


I have been trying once a week to Unsubscribe, and guess what? The link takes me to a page that say "If it doesn't load in 5 seconds, click the link below." Oh, and there is absolutely no link on the page.

I worked at Kohl's several years ago, and even then, the adds were out of control, and we had some people say they could never get the emails to stop. I thought they didn't know how to unsubscribe, but now I'm thinking some people really cannot get the thing to work.


Have you ever tried to get off KOHLS LISTS?? i HAVE AND CAN NOT!!


I HAVE AND THEY STILL SENT ME A NEW ONE!! Hate it when losers comment on things they haven't tried to do!!


I hate it when losers don't understand the post they are commenting on. This is a complaint about an e-mail address, what does a Kohls charge have anything to do with it?


Fisher price toys even with the 30% off coupon they are marked up more then the suggested retail price. No holiday shopping at Kohls. Everyone check manufacturer pricing before purchasing at KOHLS scam


kOHLS doesn't sell emails.


They get paid for a credit application 50 cents an application. do they also get paid to get your emails?

Then sell them to make more money, Getting off the email lists is impossible no matter how many times you request it.

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#354086 Review #354086 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Kalispell, Montana
1. I placed an online order @ Kohl's website. Kohl's successfully charged my Credit Card that same day for the merchandise $160, but never sent the merchandise! 2. An E-Mail from them stated it was shipped UPS, and provided a tracking number. 3. After two weeks I...
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I went into Kohl's to pay my credit card bill. They kept my check changed the amount and name on the check then deposited 3 times the amount into a personal checking account using the smart phone app. Now I am fighting with the bank and still have a credit card payment to pay.

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#353938 Review #353938 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Kalispell, Montana
I purchased items online from Kohls everything was cheap garbage. When I went to return the items one bracelet was $12.00 the lady said I would only get back $.21 (that's 21 cents) because I had used Kohl's cash. She said you might as well keep it. The other...
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I've been shopping at Kohl's for years and I've only ever had one bad experience with them, and it was because I bought something online around the holidays, and they gave me a gift card to make up for it.

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#352600 Review #352600 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
Looked up store hours online & made a special trip. Circled the lot for a parking space as everything close to the store was taken. Walk up to the door & find out the store opens 1 hour latter. On my way back to the car I pass store employees walking from all the cars...
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Kohls rarely has enough people working that every close spot could be taken even if were allowed to park in front of the store. Was probably inventory day and all of the people outside we're from Regis.

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#351153 Review #351153 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

Signed me up on you credit card

I have shopped at Kohls and am a valued customer with your store and am so furious i was persuaded to get credit card to get more discounts...your store clerks have no business doing this to customers and pushing them at checkout to get Kohl's credit card to save...It is better to pay at time of check out..Don't believe the clerks and pay at time of check out...I shop elsewhere now...All of this hassle to scratch off a coupon card and get a discount off purchases that day..scam beyond words...not right...
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I think it's ridiculous you are blaming employees for simply doing their job by offering the stores credit card. Saying "no" isn't hard to do.

Cashiers can't pressure you into anything, it's actually going against customer service if they are persistent even after you've said "no" more than once.

If they don't inform the customers about their additional services, they risk getting hours deducted from their paycheck. No one's at fault here but yourself.


every store wants to get credit applications not just KOHLS.


filed a complaint with the Federal trade commission. Logging in to the Kohls to pay the bill every month is an ordeal.

Paying online is never working. Computer system doesn't work.

Calling gets you to reps that do not speak English!! Customer service SUCKS AT KOHLS


terrible company. How much do the managers get for each credit? They should cut managers hours based unhappy customers, employees Kohls is terrible company!!


We are paid to get credit applications 50 cents an application. Managers have a number that they have to meet nothing else matters.

If I do not get credit applications I will not get hours.


It the only way they are making money read read expect great things just not at kohls!!


Natalie Kelly at her finest!


OH GOOD GOD!!! Are you serious?

Are you an adult? Are you not capable of politely declining the offer? Because I manage to do it all the time!

It's called personal responsibility, look it up.


How is it a scam? You simply had to say "no". Maybe several times, but they didn't force you to do anything.

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#349265 Review #349265 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia
Kohls Coupon
I went shopping in Kohl's of Caesar's Bay in Brooklyn, NY, the parking lot is managed by PSJ Management for Caesar's Bay. They have illegal towing practices going on there. Even though you shop in the stores and you park your car in the parking lot, your...
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I was at ceasars bay today I parked the car by toys r us I was with my son which he run by ice cream truck and I went to get ice cream for 10 mins while coming back I saw the towing truck getting ready to tow my car I told them I am here to buy something at toys r us they didnt care told me pay 68$ dollars now or 130 later

what big scam thief s I will file a complaint and maybe sue them

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#348632 Review #348632 is a subjective opinion of poster.
New York, New York

Kohls stole $10 from returned gift

I bought my son a dress shirt on sale for for $33.00 with no additional discounts at Kohls, and they gave me a $10 Bounce Back coupon, which I stapled to the original receipt and never redeemed because I was out of town during its valid dates. My son did not like the shirt, and I had given him the gift receipt that states it is valid for the amount paid. He returned the shirt with the gift receipt, and Kohls only gave him $23.00 plus tax in the form of a Kohls merchandise credit. Kohls deducted the $10.00 value amount of this Bounce Back coupon from his gift return, and that Bounce Back coupon was not even spent! Its evidently a new policy Kohls started September 2012! So watch out, as they will steal from you if they can get away with it!
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I don't understand why customers misunderstand the whole idea of kohls cash/bounce back coupons. Both require a certain amount to be spent in order to earn the $10.

If you return an item and it drops it down under that certain amount, of course it's going to be taken back. It's common sense. You spend a certain amount of money to EARN it. Imagine if people could just spend $200, earn $40 kohls cash, and then return most if not all the items they purchased to get that money and keep the $40?

They'd be giving away money! This is business people.

The company has to profit from it somehow. Stop trying to abuse the system and be thankful that they at least try to reward us for shopping there.


Went to get a gift receipt 2 days after my purchase-- since they don't automactically kick one out upon purchase-- and I forgot to ask for one. Went to guest service so they could scan my receipt and they sent me to a cashier ---It would not work they called guest service and said they still could not issue a GIFT RECEIPT.

tHEY THEN CALL THE MANAGER AND MGR. SAID I WOULD HAVE TO RETURN ALL THE ITEMS AND RETURN THEM AND THEN RING THEM UP AGAIN AND THEN MY GIFT REEIPT WOULD BE ISSUED -----ARE YOU KIDDING ME.!!!!! Sorry sending items for xmas with no receipe and I assume if they return any of these items they will only be issued the very lowest credit to them after Xmas------Way to go Kohls great way to make money. Be careful Xmas shoppers this could happen to you.

Hate to see you return many items and go through this very unnecessary inconvienence just to send a GIFT RECEIPT!!!!! MERRY XMAS


returns without a receipt are automatically given the lowest price it every sold for. Plus if it is over 50.00 dollars that they return they are taking back the KOHLS CASH COUPON


NO HOLIDAY SHOPPING AT KOHLS I did not even use the coupon and they want to take it off my return.. Had to speak to a manager to get it fixed.

Can not chance it for holiday shopping. No holiday shopping for me at Kohls


WOW more terrible then the last review I saw!! Bounce back coupon why give it to take it back.

will not be doing any holiday shopping at kohls. terrible Kohls


I could not give a gift to anyone from Kohls. That is just crazy.

You didn't even use the coupon crazy!! No holiday shopping at Kohls


No longer takes expired kohls cash. complain to management it usually works.


Kohls cash never truly expires. Most stores, or at least all I have ever been in, will still take the coupon even months after it's expired.

That is why they deduct the ten dollars when a return causes the original purchase to drop below the required amount. So you can use your bounceback!


All coupons that have expiration dates have them for a reason. Don't abuse the system because you can't be bothered to look at the dates!


We're u mad when u got the FREE 10 bounce back coupon? noooooo and im pretty sure u ended up using the coupon, u arent that dumb not to do so i mean IS FREE MONEY FOR U!

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#347481 Review #347481 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California
Kohls Coupon
made a purchases of 59. got 10.00 coupon. had to return pants and purchased another style. cust service made 2 transactions which took away my $10 coupon away. Manager of store made the customers behind me move to another register "because we have a problem". She...
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No holiday shopping at Kohls. Can't risk it.

I never even used the *** coupon and they wanted to give me 10.00 dollars less. Had to speak to a manager to get it fixed.

No holiday shopping at Kohls told all my family and friends.

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#346680 Review #346680 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Hanover, Pennsylvania
Kohls Manager
I sent a gift card from Kohl's to my niece for her birthday. Unfortunately, it was the wrong email address and Kohl's told me there was nothing they can do about it. My $20.00 is just out there to no such email address and I am out the money! All I wanted to...
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I realize this post was years ago but this issue is still happening. My wife emailed a gift card to my mother and had the wrong email address.

Khol's said there is nothing they can do. I find it hard to believe that there is nothing they can do. I have ran an online store for years and have no problems with issuing or cancelling a gift card. The store makes money whether people use the gift card or not.

They make even more money if the gift card is never used. So why help? That's their take on the matter.

As far as the thing to do- Contact your bank or credit card and file a case against the charge amount for the gift card. You will get the money back, it just may take a little time.

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#346007 Review #346007 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Mesa, Arizona
Kohls Manager
I have been a customers of the Kohl's since they opened their store locally . I have had issues with their billing since I started doing business with them. I have tried to pay my bill online, but they do not take payments on the phone, When I use the online...
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Khol's employee tried to make me sign up for my own credit card even though I already had one through my spouse. She relented -driving a wedge between my wife and myself claiming my wife did not agree.

She didn't stop until I asked her which one of those *** was going to make me sign the paperwork. My wife still shops there and I continue to consider getting a divorce because of it. Kohl's is the store from ***.

May they all be infected with the fleas from a thousand camels, and their arms too short to scratch. May their families be cursed for the next 7 generations.

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#345440 Review #345440 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Redondo Beach, California
Kohls Account
I shop at the Okemos kohls often. I love shopping at kolhs. It is always a positive experience. Locating the customer satisfaction survey is a pain and one I really don't want to waste my time doing again. It took me much longer than it should have have. when...
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I often shop in the Columbus store and every time go to customer service i get best greeting from this lady i thank her name is cynthia my mother told me about her how joyful she was she makes you want to shop when she tells you about the sales she is the reason i have a kohls card today just want to say that i appreciate her.Mary Kats

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#343715 Review #343715 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lansing, Michigan

Watch someone else like a real thief

I went to kohls this last Saturday to shop for a few things. It was late hardly anyone there so I took my time looking around thinking it would be no big deal. I always like to take my time when I shop. So any how I noticed this young man holding some clothes as I was looking at watches standing beside me looking at me. Im sure it was undercover store security. My goodness I dont think I look like a thief. I go shopping at Kohls all the time. I never take anything. I dont think I look like a thief. For some reason lately it seems every where I go store security is paranoid they always get close to me and watch from far I dont know what I could be doing wrong. I dont wear big purses or clothes. I put stuff in a basket not a bag. Sometimes I think its because they dont want to stop a real criminal or someone tougher than them. I never use to have this problem before. I dont think I will be shopping there or anywhere else for a while im offended and upset. They dont deserve my business.
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Ignore thekohlsextraodinaire


yes ignore. Just likes to throw up nonsense


Teen janitor at Texas Kohl's accused of

filming women in dressing room

By Michelle Casady and Ana Ley

Published 12:46 p.m., Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A teen who was working as a janitor at the Forum Kohl's store faces three more charges of improper

photography stemming from a June incident in which a woman said she caught him using an iPod

to film her in the dressing room.

Live Oak police said the woman noticed someone holding what she believed to be an iPhone beneath

the privacy wall and recording her June 3. She told store a manager, who called police.

Police questioned Jose Ignacio Montiel and found an iPod "hidden in the crotch area of his pants." He

declined to let them search the phone, so a warrant was obtained, and police said they discovered

several videos of women changing.

He then admitted to taking videos of women in the dressing room, police said, and he was arrested

and charged with one count of improper photography.

Police later identified and contacted three other women who were filmed, and they wanted to pursue

charges as well, Live Oak police Sgt. Anita Seamans said.

She credited the department's "excellent police work" in finding the additional victims.

Montiel was arrested again Tuesday and charged with the three new counts, and was released on

$15,000 bail.




Police & Fire

TTwweeeet 0 Email Print Comment

By Nancy Kelsey Email the author October 24, 2012

TTwweeeet 0 Email Print

A Northville Kohl's employee was arrested after police say he confessed to stealing more than $400 in cash, merchandise and cash coupons.

According to Northville Township police reports, the man was seen by store security stealing from the store on several occasions between early

September and October. He was seen taking money from his own register, according to the report.

The man was issued a larceny embezzlement citation on Oct. 20. He is due to appear in the 35th District Court in November. He was arrested and

released on a $200 bond.


I call B.S. on your complaint!

If you're that paranoid, then that means you have a guilty conscious, which in turn means you are thief and have shoplifted before. Nice try!


:cry it's funny that everywhere you go it seems to you that store personnel is paranoid. It seems like you are paranoid and what do you expect them to do if you are constantly looking over your shoulder? You probably act like a thief.


What does a thief look like? Could it be that you are a little paranoid about this, and that it is just plain coincidence?


usually they're dressed up in all black and wearing a ski mask! :grin


Store employee says he stole tablet computers to help

pay bills


FORSYTH — A man systematically stole tablet computers from the store where he worked

because he said he didn’t earn enough to pay his bills, police allege.

The 28-year-old employee of Kohl’s department store in the Hickory Point Mall in Forsyth was

arrested early Monday after he was seen dropping a bag containing four tablets onto the front

passenger seat of his car in the mall parking lot. The Polaroid brand tablets were valued at

$260 each, and sworn police statements state the suspect had sneaked them out of the store

at 4 a.m. under cover of taking out the trash.

Later booked into the Macon County Jail, the suspect had allegedly told officers from the

Macon County Sheriff’s Office he had stolen a series of tablets because he needed money: “He

explained that he sold the stolen tablets to assist in paying his bills because his income, alone,

did not allow him to do so,” according to sworn statements.

Police allege the suspect confessed to stealing some 14 tablets over the last two months,

amounting to about $3,000 worth of merchandise. The four he was allegedly caught stealing

Monday are back in the store, but he told police the 14 others were “unrecoverable.”

The suspect, who has served a brief previous sentence for drug possession, was charged with

retail theft. He is due in court Jan. 4 and remained jailed Tuesday in lieu of posting $5,000




You do know that Kohl's has over 100,000 employees, right? There are bound to be a couple bad ones there.

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#343551 Review #343551 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Fresno, California


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onnie Royston's Excuse for Allegedly Video-ing Girls in Kohl's Dressing Room: Hey, I Got a *** in the Parking Lot

By Richard Connelly Wed., Aug. 8 2012 at 8:00 AM

Categories: Crime

Ronnie Royston blames the ***.

A judge ruled yesterday that Ronnie Royston, 37, should be allowed to go free on bond pending charges that he illegally used his cell phone to tape young girls undressing in a Kohl's last June.

More important, court documents now show just why he (allegedly) did the nasty deed.

"The defendant admitted to going into the girl's dressing room with his cell phone," court documents say. "The defendant admitted that he became aroused and had an erection prior to entering the store, after watching several women in the parking lot."


One of the girls who used the room noticed Royston following her around the store, and then saw men's swimming shorts in the changing area. A look at the shorts revealed a cell phone set to record events.

One of the events it recorded, according to an investigator who filed a sworn statement in the court documents: Royston setting the whole thing up, positioning the camera for the perfect, perverted, ***, dignity-robbing angle.

He faces a felony charge of improper photography or visual recording.


Perhaps the mom that you reference in your complaint was attempting to steal and using the 8-year-old in the process?

Sounds like there is more to this story than her getting banned?

And why are you speaking for this person? Do you know this person and her 8-year-old?

Or were you just being nosy and all up in other people's business?

And by the way, the Caps Lock key is located on the far left of your keyboard. Get yourself a can of WD-40 if it's stuck!


Sounds like you work for Kohls and dont like people complaining about the company that gives you a paycheck


No....I don't like people who come on here and post a B.S. complaint without having any substance.

The complainant clearly made up a nonsense complaint by not telling the full story. As Joan stated, the manager could have very well been doing a check on the fitting room and didn't realize anyone was in there.


Yeah definitely a person who works for the store, ***, I'm sure your the peeper.


I highly doubt it since I work on the East Coast and the complainant is talking about a store in California. So who's the *** now?!


How was he peeping in, through a peep hole, over the top of the door, under it or what? Could it have been that he was trying to see if anybody was in there.

I worked in an office complex at one time, that some of the offices were real casual and occasionally the employees would bring their small kids for part of the day, and let them run in the main hall, when this happend, it was invariable that at least one of the doors on the bathroom stalls was locked from the inside. The kids would go in and lock the door, then crawl underneath. There were times that all of the stalls were locked with nobody in them. I would be willing to bet this could happen in stores too, being a great many parents don't keep their little kids with them.

Also I when my girls were eight, I went in the dressing room with them. Do you personally know this mother or is it just gossip?

Maybe it is the manager's "ex" trying to ruin him. I guess instead of you complaining for somebody else, I would let them complain, maybe they could do it without using all caps.

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