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  • Sep 23
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No restroom? Managers are idiots. And especially how they run the store. Good thing lynett left. She was a good boss

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I ordered 8 items from kohls, when I finally received my package, two items were missing. These were for a baby shower. When I called I did not get an apology until the end of my coversation when I again explained what happened as they did not seem to think it was a big deal. Then the only thing they could do was credit me back the money, then I would have to take more time than the 20 minutes I already spent on the phone with them explaining... Read more

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This was my first and last time ever purchasing anything fro Kohls. I order a pair of Men's Nunn Bush Kent Jr. Penny Loafer for my teenage son to attend private school. I received a kids size 10 Penny loafer. I called Kohls and they promised to correct the problem and placed another order this time they charged my credit card twice for the same pair of shoe. So at this point I've been charged for three pair of shoes and don't have any shoes for... Read more

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  • Sep 15
  • #919359

When they're signing you up they don't explain its going to cost you and that it's not about getting discounts worst place to go

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I ordered a suit online and it shipped on Sep 3rd. It has now been "shipping" for 12 days and they have no idea where it is and they want me to wait another 7 days before I call them again. I can't wait 7 more days, I need a suit this weekend!! No one I talk to seems to be able to help. I have called twice and replied to customer service emails twice. Does anyone have the phone number to the corporate customer service department or the... Read more

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I ordered a pair of pajamas on Sept. 1st for my dad for his birthday on Sept. 12, to be delivered to his home. They said it would take 8 to 10 days. ( I'm guessing it was far? I paid 8.95 for shipping...) They never arrived....called Kohls 5 times...3 of which i could barely understand the operator. ..only to find out that, yes they did send them to the billing address 13 miles away and not the shipping address, and yes they would give me... Read more

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I recently signed up for a Kohl's charge card, and not even s day later my paper card was in the wrong hands. I was later charged 271.00 for a video game system. I had no idea kohl's even had this item in their store. I've made a claim and call every other day. Nothing has happened to reimburse me. This is a horrible company to work with regarding a loss or stolen credit card. Don't bother calling, you'll get transferred around till someone... Read more

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Does Kohl's be the judge. I placed my order through on August 27, 2016 and was delivered & accepted to an incorrect address on August 30, 2016. Today after a two hour frustrating experience in dealing with customer service I was told that they will have to first retrieve the order before they would reship or reroute. Seems rather unfair that I have to wait for them to possibly retrieve a package delivered 10 days ago to... Read more

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I went to kohls today bay parkway brooklyn ny and this cashier who was white lady in her 50's.. she saw my starbucks card in my 18 old month son hand. She asked my husband did u jus take the kohls card and gave ur son. U know its not a toy. These people jus steal stuff.. well it was my card i can do watever i want to do w that!!!!! She was a racist!! They get paid for tbeir work. Not to show attitude. Read more

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I tried to login to the Kohls charge site all day from both iphone and laptop. repeated submits of username and password merely refreshed or froze the screen with no error message. I finally got in, but then had to answer security questions even though I was using the same device that i have before. I saw my account summary before I was kicked out again to the login screen. I called the phone nbr on the Charge screen, only to be told I had... Read more

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