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Kohls - Treated very badly

  • by   Dec 10, 2013
  • Review #: 462940
Company Kohls
Product / Service Customer Treatment
Location Fargo, North Dakota
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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I have 3 buisnesses. Im in mn. If ine of
my employee is treating anyone poorly i want to know,
I and my 3 kids, and 10 grandchildren by all our clothing at kohls and have for years. I and my wife have 3 email addresses each or 6 kohls $10.00 off coupons. After using 2 and my wife 2, i had 2 more items to purchase with my last 2 coupons at which i still had 11 more christmas gifts to buy without coupons. When at the checkout, a manager came to the checkout. She told the casher, nomore, this guy is done. I repleyed by saying i have two coupons left and that one of the two was my wifes. She repleyed saying to me, u r done in this store and so is your wife....., your both out of here.
Understanding that there is one coupon per person, i do not wish to be treated as such, especially in front of many people who were all watching and listening. This was at the fargo nd. store and the employees name was courtney. Needless to say non of my relatives will be buying at your fargo store again.. We will all b shopping at pennys or sears in fargo nd. No one deserves to b treated and humiliated that way. After all, your company sent the coupons to us... If this employee is terminated, let me know, and we will continue to shop there but until then, we will not. By the way, your grand forks nd. store has the best and nicest people working that store, there very pleasant emplyees, all of them. 306ec5b

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Dec 15, 2013  from Gnedin, Kyyivs'ka Oblast'
Did you not read this person's review, or try to, isn't it obvious from their poor writing style that they have poor reading skills? How are they supposed to understand what the coupons says if they type like they are still in the first grade?
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Dec 14, 2013 
What are your businesses? I shall come to them all and expect special treatment, won't read the fine print on any coupon/advertisment, and will demean your employees and demand that they should be fired or I'll never come back again. Sound familiar? Your an ***, please don't breed anymore.
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Dec 14, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
Do not come to JcPenney's we will do the same thin to you. Our coupons are one per customer as well. Good luck. Don't live or work in Fargo, but I bet that JcPenney's won't do it for you either.
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Dec 13, 2013 
Read the fine print on the coupon! It clearly says "one coupon per customer." Clearly you, and the rest of your family, are the typical scammers. You got the exact treatment you deserved by the manager. Glad to hear you were humiliated in the process. Go cry to someone who really gives a $#%t and who isn't dishonest! And who is Courtney? Was she the cashier? If so, what right do you have to name drop on someone who had nothing to do with your a$$ getting thrown out of the store and humiliated? And what does the fact that you have three businesses have to do with anything? What point are you trying to make? You're obviously not THAT smart of a person considering how horrible your grammar is. You're a complete dumb ***! :(
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Dec 10, 2013 
One coupon per customer, it didn't say one coupon per purchase. You and your wife were trying to pull a fast one. The only scene and embarrassment that was caused happened when you chose to argue with the manager. Exactly what type are your three businesses? They must not be the type that require a lot of education, judging my your poor spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc. Also what does the fact that you and your wife each have three email addresses have to do with anything. I know people that have more than that.
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Dec 10, 2013  from Stafford, Virginia
Then follow the rules one coupon per person. Why are you so upset. You did not follow the rules. The manager should have thrown the two of you out before You tried to use the second coupon. Take your attitude and go away
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