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Kohls - Kohl's is selling silverplate BRASS, advertised as sterling silver

  • by   Jan 26
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Company Kohls
Product / Service Online Item Descriptions
Category Luxury / Jewelry
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Monetary Loss

Online item description is for a sterling silver necklace (and there are many variations of the item in question), but the silver came off the piece after a few wearings revealing the brass beneath.I notified Kohl's customer service, they said I could return it but I asked them if they could be sure it was removed from the website.

It is still there, at a price of $100. Never, ever buy jewelry from Kohl's. They don't know what they are actually selling and worse, they don't care about the customers. The packing slip that came with the item I bought DID state in tiny letters that it was BRASS SLV PLT ENAMEL but I didn't notice this until looking for the receipt to return the item.

They KNOW it's brass, but still market it as sterling silver.SHAME ON THEM, and shame on us if we continue to buy jewelry from Kohl's. 30b477b

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Apr 12 
Quit your whining about the website and move on with life! You brought something, didn't like it, discovered it wasn't what it said it was, returned it, got your money back, now move on and quit trying to raise your blood pressure over something so petty! They have jewelry stores for a reason. :roll
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Feb 18 
They still have that necklace, so why would they stop selling it because it's fake? Kohl's is a department store, not a jeweler so I don't know why you thought it would be high quality anyway.
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Jan 27 
Jewlery fROM kohls IS ALL junk. They sell glass as DIAMOND. sliver as brass total junk. I have also been scammed by KOHLS (JUNK FAKE SEMIREAL JEWLERY) you weren't the first and won't be the LAST!!!
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Jan 26 
Quit whining, they told you, you could return it, so what is the problem. It isn't any of your business what they do on their web site or in their store. Maybe you should have looked at the receipt better when you received the item.
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