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Kohls - KOHL'S Fraud & Theft SCAM

  • by   Oct 24, 2012
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Company Kohls
Product / Service Apparel
Location Kalispell, Montana
Category Shopping
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Monetary Loss

1.I placed an online order @ Kohl's website.

Kohl's successfully charged my Credit Card that same day for the merchandise $160, but never sent the merchandise! 2. An E-Mail from them stated it was shipped UPS, and provided a tracking number. 3.

After two weeks I had still not received the merchandise. Upon E-Mail inquiry to Customer Service a "Discussion Thread" ensued. They claimed the Package was lost & it would take them two or 3 weeks (!!!) to "resolve". 4.

Turned out, it took me two or 3 MINUTES to "resolve"... a UPS track informed me that Kohl's had a UPS label created, but never sent the package. In our Discussion Thread Kohl's Customer Service denied this and told me to check with my "local post office" (huh?) They were refusing to refund me. I had to resubmit their own e-mails back to them, to prove they "confirmed" the Carrier to be UPS...

NOT the post office. They had my Order Number, but claimed it would take two to 3 weeks (!!!) to "resolve" (while keeping my payment). 5. At this point I told them this is UNACCEPTABLE; to cancel my order and refund my Credit Card, which they refused!

6. I got my Credit Card Dispute Department involved in a three-way conversation with a Kohl's CS Rep, who hung up on us. The 2nd CS Rep agreed to refund, but it would take 14 to 30 days! I'm a business owner, and on the rare occasion that i need to refund a Customer, I get it done same day.

If you or I return merchandise at a store, we are refunded immediately. Kohl's not only did not send my merchandise, they have STOLEN my payment. Think about it...

as a scam, doing this to a lot of people, holding funds for weeks before refunding, they are able to rack up a large amount of Interest Money, as Customer's funds sit in the Bank, before refunding.I have yet to see if they actually DO refund me. 3068a4e

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Apr 30, 2013  from Redondo Beach, California
I went into Kohl's to pay my credit card bill. They kept my check changed the amount and name on the check then deposited 3 times the amount into a personal checking account using the smart phone app. Now I am fighting with the bank and still have a credit card payment to pay.
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Nov 04, 2012 
Kohls shipping is the worst. first wait 10-14 days then you are told to call the post office!! After 20 days I started to record the Customer service reps saying it is not KOHLS issue it is your post office! The post office says Kohls customer service tells it customers all the time to call the post office What a Joke!!
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Oct 27, 2012 
Frisher price toys even with the 30% off coupon they are marked up over the manufacturers suggested retail. Cheaper to buy directly from Fisher price and pay the full price. SCAM
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Oct 25, 2012 
sometimes the customer service reps don't know what they are talking about. It is easier to hang up the phone then to follow up on issues.
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Oct 25, 2012  from Kalispell, Montana
Thank You, TJ, for this good advice. It IS Fraud. It's also Credit Card Theft! It's not a "legitimate transaction" when no exchange takes place. Now, it's aggravated theft b/c they insist on holding my funds for 14 to 30 more days! No "good faith" there!
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Oct 24, 2012  from Branson, Missouri
I've never had a bit of trouble ordering from Kohls.com. My orders always seem to go smartpost: Fed-Ex to USPS-not sure why yours would go UPS. Were you possibly mistaken?
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Oct 25, 2012 
Same issue in May. Package never sent. Gave me 2 tracking numbers no information ever showed up after 5 weeks finally got my refund. Never again. SMART POST NOT SO SMART. Lies and more lies from anyone on the phone and I love that they tell the customer to call the POST OFFICE must be a problem with the POST OFFICE could not possible be KOHLS issue
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Oct 25, 2012  from Kalispell, Montana
Yep.... the whole point of UPS is Delivery to Your Door! The "red flag" for me was when CSR's started the runaround of it taking them two to 3 weeks to "resolve". Only took me two to 3 minutes! This kind of Fraud is so "ICKY"!
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Oct 25, 2012  from Kalispell, Montana
Kohls e-mailed me the day they charged my credit card, stating the "Carrier" is UPS Standard Ground, complete with delivery time-frame. I keep exceptional records. In fact, my exceptional records caused Kohls to have to finally admit (in writing), after their multiple attempted lies (in writing), that they in fact never shipped my package. Perhaps you are just one of a lucky few! : ) Sure wish everyone were so lucky.
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