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Guaranteed delivery never received, order "modified" by Kohls

  • by   Dec 18, 2013
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Company Kohls
Product / Service Not Received Order
Category Online Shopping
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I placed an order on December 5 at Kohls.com - they guaranteed delivery between December 10-19 (two dress pants and two dress shirts for my son).On December 17 I received part of the order, one of the pants (which was meant to go with one of the shirts) was missing.

I checked my order status which indicated it was "in fulfillment". I was concerned because Christmas is just around the corner and it hadn't even been shipped yet, but the site guaranteed that orders "in fulfillment" will have delivery by December 24. I tried calling their hotline, after 30 minutes waiting without ever getting a live person, I gave up and sent an email, to which I never got a response. The next day I received an email indicating they "modified" my order and I would not be getting the rest of my order.

Now I have a shirt with no pants to with the shirt I bought, I'll have to go shopping on what will be guaranteed to be crazy busy weekend at the store (which is what I was trying to avoid by shopping on line) on what is already a very busy weekend for me.

Why couldn't they tell me weeks ago when I ordered it they didn't have it in stock?HORRIBLE customer service - will never shop at Kohls.com again!!! 2ff7a3e

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Dec 19, 2013 
KOHLS DOES CARE rhey care to take your money and not deliver your merchandse!! they care about getting you to have a credit card and not send you a statement. they care to hire seasonal employees for minimum wage to cut the hours of the employee that have been instore and make 10 cents more.
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Dec 18, 2013  from Denver, Colorado
it is really upsetting that kohls does not care for their customers
I am having the same issue ! :(
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