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  • 1 day ago
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Awful awful customer service received sum workout shorts for gift and too small...did exact same.Treated me like *** and said would have to send check threw mail!!!Will not be shopping here anymore and always bought all my sons stuff here...NO MORE BUSSINESS FOR YOU!

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #873588

I've ordered from Kohls in the past, shipping is always slow! Right now I'm waiting on some shirts I bought for my husband.. 2 weeks ago! I'm to the point where I don't order from them unless it's a good sale and I have all the time in the world to wait.

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I tried to Place a order ONLINE with a Representative last night . She immediately asked If I Tried doing it online. I asked her why are you asking me this ? She said , Oh we do that for a Survey .I have been with Kohl's for 25 years and No one has ever asked me that Once . Actually I told her that it sounded like she did not want to take my Order. And I could not do it online because last time i ... Read more

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From two previous shopping experiences at kohl’s, I had received two coupons—one $10 kohl’s cash and $10 off my next purchase, and another $20 kohl’s cash and $10 off my next purchase. I know the coupons say on the back that I need to use one per transaction, so I brought up enough items to do just that. When I went up to the register, I asked the cashier if I could use all my coupons in one transaction or if I needed to split it up; she told me... Read more

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all I wanted to do was exchange my vacuum customer service was rude I ask to speak to a manager on duty she was rude wouldn't do anything to help us I spent a lot of money in that kohls I feel they should give me a gift card the way I was treated they could of let me exchange my sweeper and put the balance on a gift card they said I have to wait 7 days for a check to purchase a new one my sister exchanged hers and she didn't get treated like I... Read more

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Was in store shopping with wife and children things can get wild with children you kniw so i told my wife i was gonna return to car and wait for them upon leaving the store a large colored man (LP) started following me i stopped and asked can i help you and all the *** could say was give me my stuff i told the man if he did not reframe himself from me i would return to store with him and notify the law enforcement and file charges he walked away... Read more

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I ordered a skirt on June 7 never received it. Called them on June 19 was told to call my local post office. Called back on June 21 was told they are looking for my package. June 22 get emails one saying that if i do not receive my package by July 4 to call back another email stating they were refunding me my money but I only received the price of the skirt not the entire amount tax and shipping. Was told to reorder the skirt then give the order... Read more

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I updated my online account and placed my first time ever order. Printed a receipt with ALL the information correct. I received a confirmation email sometime hours later and it showed the order was being shipped to WRONG address. There is no customer service 24/7 so I emailed in hopes to correct the address and or cancel the order. In 14 days I have had 5 incident report numbers given to me because no one can reply to the same email... Read more

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My partner ordered a pair of shoes we tried twice to get in Kohl's store but they were always out, so we ordered from the Kiosk. There was no deal they were $69.99. The order came a few days prior to the funeral. They sent the "right size" but "the wrong shoe". Now my partner doesn't have shoes for the funeral. He asks me to call Kohl's and reorder the "right shoes" and tell them to give us a good deal on the "wrong pair". I call two times... Read more

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First time shopping with Kohls online. Very happy with the price of the bike and the quoted date of delivery. Well the delivery date has come and gone and I have no bike. This bike is a Father's Day gift. To be quoted the delivery date and sent a tracking number from the carrier only to be told the day after delivery was due that we are sorry, it is unacceptable. I reemed UPS for Kohls mistake. Yes mistake, you had to create a tracking request... Read more

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