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Kohls return policy is not hassle free! Myself and at least 2 other people have had issues with doing a return without a receipt. No problem with issue of receiving current selling price if lower than ticket. The issue is we were all told our credit would be sent from corporate and that did not happen for any of us. For myself my return was aound $50 and the only other return without receipt for me that year (2015) was for less that $20 so... Read more

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This is a review from your friendly Kohls Cashier. First, I do adore my job for the most part. A great deal of my customers are good, kind people, who in turn treat me like a person. I am however, not an owner. I don't price any of the merchandise at the store. While I agree that sometimes I too look at the cost and wonder who chose this price? Its truly not my place to question it. Period. I know you hate it when I ask you about applying for a... Read more

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Kohl's is getting ridiculous by over charging returning fee with word distracted word mentioned over Kohl's receipt "trans disc". People may not even be aware of those who have Kohl's card because it high likely that they get unnoticed due to intentionally using word "trans disc" which may seems like I got discount while buying items and that's why they mentioned on receipt. However this is not the fact they are charging you returning fee and... Read more

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Buyer beware on shipping charges which cannot be and will not be refunded. Place an order at approx 3:00 am. In error I placed order before adding my 30% and free shipping code. I immediately sent kohls an email (no customer service at that hour), explaining my situation and that I wanted to cancel order. I then reordered the same merchandise with my promo codes entered. I work nites so that's why I am ordering at this time. I don't have the... Read more

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Yep. That would be me. I am a Kohl's hater. Google "I hate Kohl's," and you will see there are thousands like me in the world. I bought a pair of red Christmas pajamas from Kohl's online, which my 6-year-old daughter (at the time) wore to bed on Christmas Eve. She also had her very special baby doll that her grandmother had given her when she turned one. daughter woke up on Christmas morning completely stained red. Her sheets were... Read more

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I ordered an iRobot Roomba 620 Vacuum Cleaning Robot from Kohl' as a gift for someone special. Problem #1: There was a glitch with the website that caused me to be charged twice for this item. Ultimately, I was able to get one of the charges removed. This was my first hint that does not operate a functional online business. Problem #2: The order was taking a long time to be delivered, so I checked on the order status... Read more

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I usually do my shopping at kohl's Chicago Ridge mall . This is a very nice store. Everything is in its place its clean i love it there. I went to kohl's in Buubank illinois and that store is terribly. Stuff is allways on the floor , or its balled up on the shelf. The clothes are all mixed up, like plain with pleated pants. Nobody putes stuff back , they never haves the sizes in stock. This store sucks , i have gone to nicer flea... Read more

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Update added by user 9 minutes ago This was in Springfield, Oregon Original review posted by user 21 minutes ago I bought a white gold ring in Springfield,Oregon and was told that I could have it sied down one when I brought the ring back into Kohls to have it sized ,after it falls off of my finger 2 times.well on 5/7/16 I take the ring to get it sized.I get a call on 5/14/20 ,after being told I can size it because I am aware its 2 big... Read more

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Worst customer service in spring tx store off I-45 north. The rep at the tegister was racist and rude, she allowed a gentleman use his 30% off coupon when coupon didn't start 'till friday and i asked her if i could have a scratch off coupon since i was going to use my Khols charge she said she didn't have any so i asked if i completed my purchase and brought back my 30% off coupon the next day could they give me a receipt adjustment she said no,... Read more

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First, let me say, I love Kohls prices and selection. Now, as for the no hassle returns, well, not at the Fairview Heights, IL, Kohls. Three times I have had to return an item in the last year. Each time I had the receipt. Each time, it was within a week of purchase. Each time I had the same customer service employee. Each time I was met with a rude, condescending attitude. It was like she was shaming me for bringing it back. I was berated for... Read more

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