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Industry: Supermarkets and Malls
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  • 342 complaints
  • $51,649 claimed losses
  • $151 average
  • 117510 since Dec 03, 2007

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Main address: Kohl's Department Stores 53051 Menomonee Falls WI
(866) 887-8884, , customer.service@kohls.com
Kohls reviews, Kohls complaints, read Kohls reviews, find Kohls reviews, Kohls scam reports
  • 342 complaints
  • $51,649 claimed losses
  • $151 average
Had an experience with Kohls?
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  • Apr 07
  • Brownsville, Texas
  • Bill Payment System
  • 5
  • 21

I have paperless billing and missed one payment, I started receiving phone calls from Kohls (recording machine) twice a day, even Sunday 8 am, no voicemail o emails were sent indicating the reason for the calls. I realized I had missed a payment. I decided to call the number from all the missed calls and got a recording indicating to call a different number. I called the other number (Kohls... Read more

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  • Apr 05
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Order Processing
  • 2
  • 22

Order#: 1018786305 On Friday 04-04-14, I attempted to place an order via kohls.com, I had a lot of issues processing the order online. The website would freeze up, and the fields that required numbers wouldn't let you enter any numbers. I called customer service for help, forgetting of my last experience of how they absolutely refused to help me and the extremely bad attitude. I tried placing the... Read more

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  • Apr 02
  • Irving, Texas
  • Vera Wang Shoes
  • 7
  • 38

I had a very negative experience with this company, let me explain myself- I bought some Vera Wang shoes and made the mistake of not keeping my receipt, when I returned them the clerk at the counter gave me 5.44 a pair when the retail price was 69.99 per pair. The clerk re-ticketed the shoes at 69.99 also,,, really Kohl s?? Never again KOHL S! I was very disappointed in the so called return... Read more

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  • Mar 28
  • Canton, Georgia
  • Khols Credit Card Payment
  • 8
  • 42

So I love Kohls, who doesn't? Well I don't anymore. I have had a Kohls charge for well over one year and made my payments onetime if not earlier. I ran into bad luck the beginning of 2014 and was unemployed until late March 2014. Although they tacked on a late fee, I kept making the minimum payment of $25.00 because some money is better than on one, right? I've spoke with five employees on the... Read more

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  • Mar 14
  • Palm Desert, California
  • Business Practice
  • 4
  • 39

I was charged a late payment fee of $34 when my monthly payments was the same amount. The "late payment" is based on when it is received in WI instead of when posted by mail. They charge 21.90% for amount owed. They joined with working in States with allowed usurious interest rates. Their late fees and interest rate makes the Mafia look like pikers. So their fancy discounts and their... Read more

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  • Mar 09
  • Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • Vera Wang Top
  • 4
  • 25

On December 20th I ordered online a Christmas gift. It was bungled on every step. They said it was ready to ship but lost/misplaced item. They charged me but never shipped item. One month later they tracked item but sent it to the warehouse. I am fighting to be reimbursed and that was Jan/Feb. I do not get emails on the status of this issue as I asked them to do. They made an incident report in... Read more

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  • Mar 04
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Mens Watch
  • 6
  • 60

I purchased a $380 watch from Kohls.com that was an online only item. Therefore I couldn't see it in the store and relied on the picture online. I applied a 30% coupon to the purchase and also received $50 kohls cash for this purchase. The item was apparently back ordered but I was never told that. Each time I called it was processing. So after a week I needed to use the kohls cash before it... Read more

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  • Feb 22
  • Bellevue, Washington
  • Payment Processing
  • 5
  • 44

I just got an email yesterday from Kohls saying sorry for the inconvenience but they never processed my payment from the beginning of december and are charging my card now. It's two and a half months later and they just now catch this? I can't believe they charged me without even a phone call, what if it was someone that doesnt check their email and then they overdraft because the money was taken... Read more

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  • Feb 13
  • Hamilton Township, New Jersey
  • Other Product
  • 2
  • 59

I have had several bad experiences with kohls.com. I've gotten the wrong item and then they refused to send me the one I paid for. They accept your online order, then the next day you get an email saying one item is out of stock therefore you no longer qualify for the kohls cash. Or they send you a different model than the one described on the website. BUT...the most aggravating thing they do... Read more

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  • Feb 12
  • Great Mills, Maryland
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • 8
  • 110

I was going to purchase a vacuum from Lexington Park, MD Kohl's and I noticed that it was $100 cheaper at Wal-Mart. I called this afternoon and spoke to an employee who told me that they would honor the price. When I got to the store, everything was fine. They price matched a hair-dryer for me and also price matched the vacuum, however, when the manager realized what the employee had done, she... Read more

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