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  • Kohls
  • Apr 28
  • #838123

NEVER WORN! Bought this cute top and washed it with similar delicate items and it came out of the wash with both straps broken. I could understand it if i had washed it with jeans but i didnt. So disappointed in the quality and the fact my hard earned money spent on something i nevwr got to wear once! The label should read hand wash only! Add comment

So many things are bad about Kohl's these days. I bought several of the same pair of pants in different colors and although all were the same size, each fit as if it were a different size - vastly different size. Shoe sizing is way off now. I am the same size of shoe no matter what I order usually. One pair of shoes I got was an entire size too big, and I am noticing overall the shoes and clothes are getting larger per size. It's ridiculous. Shipping is horrible. If something is delivered wrong, customer service is atrocious. Quality has... Read more

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Calling any one of kohls customer service or corporate office's is an insult to human integrity. ⚠ ⚠ WARNING ⚠. Do not give kohls your personal information. You will be at risk for theft and deception. Kohls took 89.85 out of my account when I have a zero balance. Have called several times and unfortunately their customers service only know how to ask the same irrelevant question over and over to avoid the "issue" or better yet transfer you to voicemail. Terrible use and respect for hard working people and their trust. Read more

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Kohls auto card payment took $89.89 from my bank account when I owe no money, 0 balance. I called as soon as I say it on my bank account. On the phone for over 4 hours with 4 different employees 1 a supervisor and 1 a manager. All were very out out and rude about the situation and wanted no one other them myself to take fault and pay for the error. So very sad. They then proceeded to tell me it takes SEVERAL weeks for them to straighten it out and MAIL me a check. No wonder they can afford to give kohls cash awards. A couple days later Debbie... Read more

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So me an My boyfriend went to know Kohls to figure out what we can do about the completely tarnished "sterling silver" ring he had bought me back in February for Valentine's Day, which was only three months ago. I love rings and I do reasherch on them an their quality before ever purchasing the paper work stated it was sterling silver .925 through an through with rhotium plating to make it look like white gold, and it tarnished completely nothing I did cleansed it up. So we go there and I have to say I have never been so rudely treated in my... Read more

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Austell store 4/24/16 @12:15 @ customer service. I've never experience poor customer service at Kohls, but today was different. I watch one of your Associate at the front of register talk to another Associate behind the register having personal dialog while Associate behind register assist a customer. When i approched the register the older Associate was pleasant & asked how could she help?But the younger Associate next to me, she continue her conversation. I had to say excuse me & asked do you work here? To my surprise, she does! Couldn't... Read more

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  • Kohls
  • Apr 21
  • #833851

No rebate from Kohls not buying no more Add comment

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  • Kohls
  • Apr 21
  • #833844

I bought waffle maker (Back&Decker) from Khol's never send me a $10.00 Gift card Victor Delgado 2325 s. Albany Chicago Il. Add comment


I ordered 24 piece bed in a bag that I liked a I purchased during the Kohl's cash period 4-10-16. I called customer and went somewhere in China who did not speak well at all. I wanted to know why I DID NOT get my Kohl's cash they said it was not available when I purchased the item. I would never spend over $150.00 dollars without getting the Kohl's cash. The order shows up as 4-11-2016 which first of all is not correct. I want to know how to fix this without dragging back my purchase and buy in during the next kols cash period. Does... Read more

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the was a new coworker who was accused of stealing something of an old coworker . once the new employee got fired the old coworker admitted to lying just to get the poor girl fired just cause she didn't like her and make a fake report just to get money. They should of believed that poor innocent girl ,she worked really hard and if I wasn't so concerned about loosing my job I would speak up to defend her for loosing her job especially with kids. I don't recommend working for palm desert people here are shady and favoritism is really used here... Read more

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